Teen Activism in Technology

Who knew activism would so drastically change throughout the years? The days of walking in circles with posters and chanting are WAY behind us now. Today most activism (especially teen activism) is shown by using social media, for instance, Twitter.


Photo CC- By Loisaida Project

All three of the articles read for this research topic were incredible insightful and helpful. I especially enjoyed the last two. The link for both of them is attached down below

There were quite a few powerful quotes contained in these two articles, I wanted to include them all but that would make for a rather long blog post…..so I will just list my two favorites here!

“A generation of change-makers is showing the world just how powerful a tweet can be. “


“They see us on our phones or laptops and think who knows what. But we’re organizing, we’re creating, we’re signal-boosting, we’re creating awareness. We’re changing the world.”

I mean WOW, that is some pretty powerful stuff! If you’re looking quotes just as ah- strucking as these I would highly recommend checking out both of those websites!

Teens are using social media in their activism to show everyone their opinion. They tweet, retweet, blog, comment, basically anything they feel the need to do to get everyone’s attention through social media. Just about everyone on this planet has social media and checks it multiple times a day, meaning the chances of increasing the number of people seeing these teens in action is very high. Teen activists just want to get their voices heard and the more the merrier.

People are prone to thinking “Oh there just watching cat videos on their phone” whenever they see a mobile device in someone’s hands that has captured there full attention, but really they could be changing the world. This proves to us we shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

These teens are getting more and more followers each day, thousands of retweets every week, and hundreds of comments and shares as well. That fact alone should prove to us that their activism is highly effective. The whole point of activism is to get your ideas out there and give people knowledge, which is exactly what these teens are doing.


Photo CC- By Twitter

I’ll admit I haven’t participated much in any digital activist activity. Right now I inform people of new teaching techniques and ideas as well as ways of worshiping God which I could see as a from of activism just because I am sharing my ideas, opinions, and creations.

My biggest question is if activism has already changed this much how is it going to change in the future? The possibilities and predictions are endless and I imagine it will crazy to look back see all the changes it has already gone through.




Second Week of TDC

Just like I imagined as the weeks progress I get the hang of each Daily Create more and more each day. I try to come up with the most creative and crazy thing I can, just to keep my mind moving and staying in the “creative track.”

I find myself working for a longer period of time on the ones I thought would be easy rather than the ones that look somewhat harder. Take today’s (Sunday) for instance, I thought it would take me quite a while to come up with a poem but really once I started typing it is only two minutes before I was sending the completed version off. Quite often I giggle at the final creation as well as the creations of others. Some things they come up with are pretty out there and I would have never thought of them but that only keeps it interesting!

Here is what my Daily Create week consisted of:

Monday: #tdc1744 What are you in search of? Capture an image of your quest


I’m searching for relaxation. Sometimes I get pretty jealous of my cat who sits in the window all day watching the birds.

Tuesday: #tdc1745 Fake airplane sounds


This one was harder than I thought I could never get it exactly how I wanted.

Wednesday: #tdc1746 PIPWV Poetry

create a poem using the words: pistachio, ink, pebble, weather, and varnish

Thursday: #tdc1747 It’s National Day on Writing! Write an answer to the question “Why I Write”

Friday: #tdc1748 Build your dream team

Here is a link to my “dream team” – Dream Team

I am a HUGE Grey’s Anatomy fan so of course my Dream Team consisted of only the finest doctors in Seattle (dead or alive).

Saturday: #tdc1749 Wej vaj yln philosophy muja’ (write your life philosophy in Klingon)

I’ll admit this one took me a while to fully understand but eventually I got it and came up with this! My life philosophy is Don’t Just Give Up.

Sunday: #tdc1750 Texted Poem


The response I got back was priceless guess he has me figured out?!

That was all for this week! I can’t believe I’m already halfway done with the 30 days of The Daily Create, it truly has flown by. I’m excited to start next week and see what is in store!

I would highly recommended doing this even for fun if not for a class. I look forward to opening up the website everyday and figuring out exactly what I will be spending a few minutes on. If you’re interested you can check out the daily assignments and projects here.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Class Reflection


Photo CC- By emaze

Starting out in this class, while I was scheduling everything into my planner, I thought this class looked like one that I wouldn’t dread doing everyday, turns out I was exactly right.

This class is exciting and creative, I never know what I will be doing week by week or even day by day. I love the fact that it is unpredictable, if I was doing the same thing day in and day out I would bored out of my mind! I figured out through the course of my education I learn best when I get a say in when I complete things and I work best when it isn’t the same homework assignment only with different questions.

This class gives us freedom of what we want to learn and how we choose to accomplish that. I think this is a great preparation for when we actually start teaching. When we become teachers we decide the lessons to be taught, what assignment to do for it, and everything in between, this class is sort of a spin off of that I would say.

With that being said I still think class can be difficult at times, but I expected that . I find it hard to fit everything in each week, but somehow manage to do so in the end. Going into the class I knew it would be time consuming and work my creative juices and I’m finally starting to get the hang of it. I do actually enjoy completing the daily create challenges and journaling in my bible as well as all the other assignments. You can check out all of my projects on my Twitter account here.

The most interesting module for me would be week three. I thoroughly enjoyed watching those TED talks and reading about all the others watched by other classmates. I spent quite a while watching the videos because I found myself going and watching the TED talks that were blogged about.


Photo CC- By ted

The most challenging module for me was week one. I say this because it took me a VERY long time to write a six-word memoir. I just couldn’t seem to find the right words I wanted to say. It wasn’t necessarily hard I think I was just being picky but it definitely took longer than it should have. I ended up with the memoir down below.

For the next and final eight weeks for this class I would really like to learn more about all the tech websites and systems we are using. I have already learned so much about Twitter, WordPress, Feedly, as well as Photoshop, GIF makers, and so much more, but I’d love to learn the things I haven’t quite learned because I know there is LOTS to learn yet. I think in time I will accomplish that because I am becoming more familiar with all the sites and it is becoming easier with each week with all these tricks and tips.

Photo CC- By wordpress                                                Photo CC- By twitter

So far I absolutely love this class and can’t wait to see what the next eight weeks have in store for us!


First Week of TDC

This week just seemed to fly by it seems like! I won’t complain though I am very grateful for the long weekend. This was my first week of completing the Daily Create Challenge and I’m rather proud of all my creations. I will say I did get frustrated with a couple just because of the websites and and software I was using trying to make everything look just perfect but I worked through my frustration and got the post done.

I LOVED Thursday and Fridays challenge, probably because I enjoy anything that deals with photography. The other days were pretty new for me, I’ve never created a GIF or used photoshop before but I really liked how my work turned out.

Here are my 7 TDC creations for week number one:

Monday: Create a New Adventure of  Harry the Hipster


Photo CC- By Taylor Geisler

Tuesday: GIF it Up! (History related)

Look at my GIF here!

Wednesday: October 12 is Mashup day (things that happened in history on this day)


Photo CC-By Taylor Geisler

First pledge said in schools attended by the three blind mice!

Thursday: Rain or shine, your city/town/burg is beautiful. Show us the magic.


Photo CC-By Taylor Geisler

Friday: Create a Photograph in Words

Saturday: Birds With Human Arms


Photo CC- By Taylor Geisler

In honor of College Football Saturday!

Sunday: The Laws of #ds106

I’d say the first week went pretty well and I’m excited to see what next week brings! Hope everyone had a great week and a wonderful long weekend!


Digital Citizenship


Photo CC- By OdSchools

I’ve heard the term “digital citizenship” a few times mostly in things for this class but never thought much of it. The websites I looked into really helped me clarify what exactly it is and it answered many of my questions about digital citizenship.

Basically I learned that digital citizenship is the “guidelines for responsible, appropriate behavior when one is using technology.” This definition is from an article called 5-Minute Film Festival: Teaching Digital Citizenship. After watching a short five minute video on digital citizenship I learned about a website that offers activities, lesson plans, lessons, and all sorts of other tools that help teachers teach their students just how important digital citizenship is. You can check out this incredibly helpful website here.

Kids tend to dismiss people’s feelings when it comes to getting the most laughs and “likes.” Teaching students to become an ethical online citizen means teaching them what is okay and not okay to post online and do online. Cyber bullying seems to be a big issue when it comes to problems of digital citizenship, courses such as the one linked above help students recognize just how hurtful but also permanent things are online.

Another video I really enjoyed while researching was a TED talk by Juan Enriquez titled Your online life, permanent as a tattoo. You can watch this video here. I just love the title, I think it really makes you think about just how permanent things we do online really are. Anything we post can be found by anyone and we make think we deleted it but really it is still out there and still in the minds of people that saw it. This is what we need to teach students, be careful what you post you never know who will see it. My mom gave me the advice “Don’t post anything online unless your okay with your grandmother seeing it.” This advice would be great to share with all students while talking and teaching digital citizenship.


Photo CC- By QuotesGram

My question is what is the best way we can teach our students just how important our behavior is online? I love an activity I saw while researching that helped just a little during this topic. On the first website I found they showed an activity where the students would color on a blank footprint on a piece of paper. On the footprint students are to draw what they want the world to know them by. The teacher then explains that their footprint represents their online footprint. Everything you do online is permanent and cannot be taken off no matter how hard they try. This activity teaches them to think before commenting, posting, blogging, or anything else online. I would love to do this activity in my future classroom.


Photo CC- By SBHera

I can imagine there are several other ways to teach digital citizenship to students. I’m also sure everyone has their own opinion on which strategy is best. I would say as long as we get the point across to the students it doesn’t matter what strategy/activity is done. It’s just the matter of finding the best way for each student to understand the significance of digital citizenship in a way that prevents them from having an unethical online behavior.

We all know technology is growing everyday. My biggest question is how are we suppose to teach our students and our own children how to be safe from the dangers of technology and keep an ethical online digital citizenship when we don’t know what technology will be like in the next year let alone the next thirty years. It is definitely something that scares me when I think too much into it.


Photo CC- By chsbleuprint

Google it

I catch myself saying “Just Google it” more and more when someone asks a question I do not know the answer to. Google and the internet itself has become a huge tool that can be accessed from just about anywhere on any electronic device. When the assignment came up to “google yourself” I actually got kind of excited. I remember googling myself quite a bit back in Junior High, that’s what we found fun to do whenever our homework was done but we still had time in the computer lab. When I did just that today I was actually surprised at what I found.


The first thing that popped up was my Facebook account. I figured that would be one of the first things to pop up on the search. Next was something that wasn’t about me at all, just the same name. After that I saw my Pinterest account a few times on the search and then my Twitter account once.

Next I clicked on images to see what I could find. I was surprised to see an actual picture of me pop up as the fifth image. It was the picture I set as my Twitter account profile as well as my Pinterest profile picture. After that there were a couple of pictures from my hometown Gazette of me during high school activities. There were actually quite a few pictures of pins I pinned on Pinterest, this made me feel even more like a Pinterest addict than I thought I was.

After searching myself I’d say the spaces I am most active on are Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. I’m assuming those are some of the most common popular pages for everyone though. If you were to click on the links my online identity would say I am very much into social media. Although I will saw when I am on social media I try not post too many things, I’ve never wanted to be “that person” who annoys everyone of their followers/friends.

Growing up my mom hounded my brother and I on keeping our social media appropriate for all ages. She always said “Would you post that if your grandmother had Facebook?” That sure made me think twice about posting things. Now that I think about it I’m very happy she reminded us about posting appropriate things because soon I will be in search for an actual career and don’t want anything to ruin my chances. A potential employer might find out about me after googling me that I love to pin things about future classrooms, cute animals, and recipes and I also tweet creative geometry pictures and cheesy math jokes. However I’d say for the most part I’m okay with my future boss knowing those things about me.

I was actually surprised that a lot of things that did pop up when I searched myself were really my things. I was expecting to scroll down a while before I actually found things relating to myself. It’s not as fun as I remember it being but googling myself definitely made me think about my online identity.

ILP | weekly progress

This week I haven’t really had much of a chance to spend time working on my Independent Learning Project but I did make time for one so far. I find it very easy to get caught up in reading and journaling, usually I have to set a certain amount of time otherwise I could spend two or three hours on a section.

This week has been a very tough week for me as a sister. My brother has been coinciding in me through a big problem going on and it is very hard to watch him go through this when I am actually five hours away. As a protective older sister all I want to do is go down and solve it for him but I know all I can do is give him advice and talk him through it. Since all of this is happening I needed to find a verse to give me and my brother peace and guidance. While scrolling social media I came across the perfect verse: Proverbs 3: 5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

This verse is exactly what I needed and a perfect thing to say to to my brother.Turns out my brother was looking at the same verse all day long. From reading that I spent a little while in my bible journaling and came up with this:


It’s nothing too extravagant but it was pretty relaxing and well worth the time. I may end up going back in some time and putting more into it but for now this is it.

Thankfully this weekend I do not have much going on so I plan on spending a couple hours reading and journaling, fingers crossed my plan actually works!

Since last week I did not post about my progress I wanted to include pictures of what I ended up with:


I had just bought a yellow pin and wanted to include some how to see if I ended up liking it at all. Turns out I love it! I want to start incorporating more colors into my work because usually I end up only using black but that’s because I grew up being taught “simple is better”, I also think black looks very elegant and classy but I want my creations to be colorful and bright so I plan on using as many colors as I can in most posts!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

What in the world is ds106?

If you’re like me after reading “ds106” you could say you have no clue what that means. It kind of comes of as intimidating actually, usually when I see a couple of letters and a few numbers stuck together I think of planes and cars, don’t ask me why I just do. After reading the website ds106.us I realized I had pictured something completely opposite. Ds106 seems to be somewhat complicated on actually describing what it is but I’ll try my best in doing so.

Ds106 is basically an online class where students of all ages can join, on their own time if they wish, developing better technology handling skills, keeping up with all the modern trends, and practicing their creative skills as well. Ds106 is an open online course on digital storytelling that was developed five years ago by a professor from the University of Mary Washington.


There are  a few different classes through ds106 lead by different professors but there is also an open class anyone can join, even if it is just them joining individually. Through ds106 there are different assignments to pick from that can be completed each week. These assignments can be things like dropping pictures on top of a picture of an eye to “see what eye see”, create a movie scene reenactment, or develop a busy movie poster. My favorite assignment I’ve seen is one under the category of creating a movie scene reenactment. If you’re in need of a quick laugh or are a complete Star Wars nerd like myself, I suggest checking it out here.

Also through ds106 there is a creative challenge called “The Daily  Create.” During  The Daily Create each day a new project is posted that students can complete. They are simple little things that should really only take a few minutes (if you know what you’re doing that is). The short assignments are there to get the creative juices flowing and moving through us. This is done for 30 straight days.


What I think is awesome about ds106 is that it keeps up on the modern trends such as “gifs.” I expect I’ll have to do some searching to figure out all the tools and tips for creating these assignments but I think it’ll be worth it. I also think it’s great how creative this can become. As we grow up and become “adults” I believe we do lose our creativity we had as a child and it can be hard to get that back, but ds106 is just one way of increasing creativity and maybe having it stay with us as well. The more we use our creative skills the more likely we are to keep it (if you don’t use it, you lose it.)

I would love to use assignments inspired by those of ds106  in my future classroom. I think they would be fun activities to do as a class or individually. Of course I would need to adapt the assignments to fit the level of my students but it would be a great way of taking things off a serious note and letting the students have fun.

After reading more about ds106, I am no longer intimidated but I would really like to get more information about it as well. Overall it seems pretty neat and well worth the time!



PBL- Project Based Learning

Project based learning (PBL) is one of the most popular learning approaches teachers tend to use in the classroom. Project based learning is defined as:

  • a student-centered pedagogy that involves a dynamic classroom approach in which students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems

What this means is PBL is a way of teaching where students get to work on something for a decent amount of time that is focused on a topic the teacher picks. The students’ project may be anything they want, this is where the students get to explore and use their imagination. Usually there are some limits and restrictions as well as guidelines and necessities but for the main part the students get the freedom to roam wherever they want.


Photo CC- By emergingedtech

A fantastic article to read if you are interesting in PBL and want to find out more is called What is Project Based Learning? I would highly recommend checking it out, there are many links to explore on there that give wonderful information.

Project based learning is important because it gives students freedom to make choices. Most kids feel more passion and motivation to complete things when they get the chance to pick what they would like to focus on when learning. Students become more engaged in their work as well as motivated. It gives the students of developing their own plan and coming up with their own ideas which they will need to do when out of school and working, PBL really prepares students for life after school.

When teachers use this approach the classroom can be a little chaotic some days and pretty quiet other days. What I mean by that is it really depends on the day and what the students are doing. On the first day the teacher introduces the topic and explains the guidelines and limitations, then the students think about what they could create for the project, this day can be a little loud with students brainstorming and talking ideas over. The rest of the days are spent trying to complete the project where the students are working at their desk with materials of all kinds. Sometimes it can be nice to play music during these days but try and maintain a bearable noise level. Students are free to walk around and grab materials that are needed and use available space. They do sometimes like to get a little loud talking to their fellow classmates but sometimes students are extremely quiet while concentrating on their work.

The classroom space is organized in a way that makes things easily accessible and keeps the room open for working space. When using PBL teachers need to keep the room open in a way it is easy to get around and keep the desks clear enough that the students have plenty of room to work. Here is one example of a PBL focused classroom:


Photo CC- By Pinterest User

A teacher would choose PBL as their main approach to learning because it is “an effective and enjoyable way to learn.” The advantages of project based learning outweigh the disadvantages by a lot. Some advantages include providing opportunities for hands on work, which a lot of students learn best using, preparing the student for out of school life, and gives students more freedom. A list of more advantages can be found in this article called Why Project Based Learning. The biggest disadvantage to PBL is that teachers may have less control of the classroom as they want, at least less control of the overall projects and work handed in. However this can be made better with the use of careful limitations and guidelines.

A fantastic blog about project base learning can be found here. It has great resources and tips for any educators thinking about using PBL in their own classroom.

Some great accounts on Twitter to follow that focus on PBL are:

I encourage everyone becoming an educator and everyone who already is an educator to look into project based learning. It is a fantastic approach to learning and benefits most every student!

This Weeks ILP Progress

I want to admit something right away- I didn’t work as much on my Independent Learning Project as much as I hoped to this week. I found my time was taken up with other homework and finding exactly the right people to follow on Twitter but I did manage to squeeze in some time for bible journaling. It can sometimes be very difficult to find times for everything we hope to get done but once I started working on my journaling I found it to be very relaxing and exactly what I needed for this week.

While spending a little time on Pinterest looking for inspiration for my project this week I happened across this post here “I am the daughter of the one true king.” I love this verse it makes me feel encouragement and somewhat powerful. It reminds me of how truly powerful and important our God is and that he truly rules of everything and everyone. After seeing this post I just had to do something in my bible with it and that became my first entry of the week. bj-4

Photo CC-By Taylor Geisler

I apologize for it being upside down, I wasn’t paying close attention when taking it. Anyways here is what I came up with after seeing the post on Pinterest.


Photo CC- By lesfeldickbiblestudy

I also just had to share the post I came across on Pinterest that inspired my creation (which I put above)!

After a busy week of basically running around trying to get everything done I decided this verse fit perfect “His voice is the whisper after the noise.” It was just what I needed to hear after a hectic week. It was a reminded that there will be busy and chaotic times but it will always slow down. I need to remember to take time to breath every once in a while and remember that God will never give us more than we can handle, we just need to make it through the tough times.


Photo CC- By Taylor Geisler

I hope to work more in my bible this weekend as I will be on campus the whole time. I’ve already been looking for new ideas for my creations and drawings. I hope you all have a fun weekend and maybe even a productive one at that!