Classroom Metaphor


Photo CC- By PhotoBucket

I want my classroom to be like an ice cream parlor

Check out my digital story here!

I’ll admit it took me  a while to come up with an idea on how to share my metaphor with everyone. Well it even took me a while to come up with a metaphor! When I finally came up with one relating to my favorite dessert I spent quite a while thinking on how to share it but I did end up with something which you can look at above!

First I wrote my thoughts on several different pieces of paper. Then I took pictures of each page and uploaded them into my computer. Then I used Adobe Spark to put the pictures together in a slide and add music to them. It took a while to I am pretty happy with the result.


Photo CC- By turbosquid

I hope you enjoy and I hope all of your digital stories are coming together as well!



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