New Creative Tools

I love creating posters, business cards, presentations, pretty much anything on fun sites. After reading a couple articles I think I found my new favorite site to create all these things! I’ve already spent more time than I should on the site exploring and looking for cool fun things to create.

In an article called Tech Review: Online Creation Tools: Piktograph and Canva the author, Karen Jensen, wrote about a couple new sites she found that she absolutely fell in love with. The one that I found most helpful and loved like I mentioned before is called Canva. It is a site that lets you create pretty much anything you will ever need/want to create from business cards to thank you letters to a blog graphic. You can either select a template which they have thousands to choose from or if you are feeling adventurous you can start from scratch using several different tools and elements on site. It has several different templates for any kind of style you are wanting, girly, kidish, manly, etc. You can edit and control whatever you need to make it look just the way you want it to look.

I created a couple different things using this site. The first thing was a simple business card front

Here is my creation (I am totally in love with it by the way):


First I choose a template I liked for the business card (let me tell you that is easier said than done, there were too many cute templates to choose from), changed the name to my name and messed with the font size and background color and pattern. Then I decided I needed to add something else to make it look more like a business card, therefore I added the center template that says “Middle Math teacher.” I plan on making all my business cards on here from now on!

The second item I created was a poster about my Independent Learning Project, which is bible journalling.


It is a simple poster including the verse I most enjoyed while bible journalling. First I found a template to start on messed with the text a little and changed it to what I wanted to say. I added a couple lines of text as well.

Canva is incredibly user friendly, even for this not so techy girl. I guarantee it has 90% of whatever you need and for the most it is completely free as long as you know how to use the tools in the correct way.

I plan on using this tool to create presentations, posters, and anything else I might need in the classroom. I think it would also be a great activity for the students to do in class, maybe have them make a poster of the information they are learning using this site.

I think presenting information in these visual/graphic styles is very valuable. They catch people’s attention and make them stop and look at the poster and information instead of just walking by. It creates something fun to look at for the students instead of something that has a white background with black text. I could see this site as well as others being very beneficial in the classroom.

I highly recommend checking Canva out!


10 thoughts on “New Creative Tools

  1. I really like your poster that you made. It is very cute and very colorful. Also your post is great to. For my post I was going to a comic strip but when I went to click on the comic strip app it said I was going to have to pay for it. I didn’t want to do that and already had a bitmoji so that’s what I did instead. I also liked your card that you made. Both of your choices that you did are colorful.


  2. Wow- this tool really did apply to your creativity. I hadn’t found the business card area yet, so will have to go check it out. Even in this digital age, those really do make you feel more professional if you have one to share.


  3. I tried out Canva too — and I love it as well. I just want to spend my entire day making posters and book covers. Nice business card; you have a good eye for color!


  4. I agree with all of your post! I used all of those websites that were offered for us in the module this week. I had a blast and oh lord yes, you’re correct in the fact that there are so many options to choose from, especially on canva. I got way too excited this week and made a ton of projects too. I love you stuff!


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