Our Relationship with Technology and Internet


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The internet and technology really is taking over our world. Everywhere we look we see someone using technology such as one their phone, laptop, tablet, or anything else. I am guilty of pulling my phone out at a restaurant is the conversation isn’t working or whenever I am waiting for something to happen. I realize I do need to learn when is a good and bad time to take out my devices.


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The TED talk and two articles we read and watched were great for this topic, they made you stop and think about technology and what effects it has on our lives.

In the TED talk, Paul cleansed himself of the internet for a full year. He said it did have positives and negatives to go along with it. The one thing that stood out to me was his sister saying he was more emotional available. I never think of how my usage of technology effects people’s thoughts about me and our relationship. The internet really does take our attention and distract us from more important things like having deep conversations with friends and family. We have to keep in mind however that leaving the internet won’t fix your problems, they will still be there but it will give you time to work on them.

Here is a link to the TED talk: Quitting the Internet for One Year

If quitting the internet intrigues you but you aren’t quite ready to do it for a whole year I would suggest taking a look at the this article: What Happens When Teens Try to Disconnect from Technology for Three Days. This was a shorter amount of time but still causes great effects on you and your feelings and thoughts toward technology.

If you are like me and don’t really want to quit the internet all together but wouldn’t mind cutting down on your usage I would check out this article: Simplify the Internet. It provides wonderful and helpful tips on cutting down on the internet. I think everyone should take a look at this article because it wouldn’t hurt anyone to spend a little less time looking at their phone screens and little more time having conversations with loved ones.

Personally I do feel like I use technology mindfully. I do not post very often, actually the most I have ever posted on social media is for this class. I know I could stop checking in on all of social media apps as often as I do and I plan on working on that. However when I am working on homework, in class, at family dinner, my phone is tucked away and turned on silent or at least vibrate because I know that is the wrong time to be catching up.


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Everyone should be more attentive when it comes to family and family gatherings. Time flies by and we should treasure the moments we spend with them rather than sitting there in the corner never taking our eyes of our screens. Being more attentive when it comes to school work and friends is never a bad idea either.

We should stop multitasking when it comes to very important things and when we have a great amount of time to complete both. If we are always multitasking we will miss out on all of the little moments that make things special and worth our attention. We are truly present when our full attention is on the situation at hand, when we aren’t distracted by anything insignificant.

For myself the TED talk and readings made be realize I don’t always have to try and keep up with social media. I can put my phone down when I think something is of importance. But I don’t need to give up on internet and technology all together, maybe in time I will try it one day but for now I just plan on cutting back some.


6 thoughts on “Our Relationship with Technology and Internet

  1. Great post. I go through phases when I’m on it too much or I can totally check out completely for a month to get myself on track. When I do that it makes me so much more mindful and present at home. It’s a bad habit more than anything. For me I just need to keep my phone in another room. I read on my phone using the Kindle app so it’s used for good too, however I realize now that my kids might not realize sometimes I’m reading a book and being constructive. Instead it just looks like I’m being a phone zombie. It might be time to go back to using my actual Kindle to better model phone manners.


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