ILP | Weekly Progress

This week I managed to fit in a couple bible journal entries in. I tried a new method this week, I have had a couple rolls of Washi tape and decided to try and put them to use. The two entries I did this week I incorporated some Washi tape and I absolutely love it! I actually ordered more Washi tape on Monday that I cannot wait to put into use!

Here are my two entries for the week:


Photo CC- By Taylor Geisler

This verse I found a couple years ago and ever since it has been my favorite. I absolutely love this verse, it seems to apply to just about every situation I have. There is a lot of different versions of this verse but everyone I have come across to hasn’t beat this one out. I just love the way it flows, it brings me so much comfort in tough situations when I just feel like giving up.


Photo CC- By Taylor Geisler

This verse as well brings me comfort in times where I am freaking out over usually the silliest of things. There are times where I feel completely overwhelmed and fear that I might not get everything done or do my best in everything. It is always comforting knowing that God is with me and is there to protect me in everything I do. Life can be scary especially when you have no idea what you truly want to do with my future, but God is always there to get you through whatever you are worried about.

Last week I wrote about marking each of the books in my bible with Washi tape, which I found from an article of Pinterest. Here is the link to that article. My new Washi tape just got in this afternoon, which is perfect timing actually. I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow and I plan on putting this new tape to use.


Photo CC- By Taylor Geisler

That is my progress for the week. I can’t believe we are almost done with our Indpendent Learning Project, time truly has flown by. I hope you are all having fun with your projects as well!


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