Week 3 of TDC


Day 21 of The Daily Create is officially over so that means only 10 more daily creates to go. Time has truly flown by very quickly, seems like the days fly by faster and faster each day. I’ve had so much fun designing each daily create, I never know what is going to pop each day when I open the website up.

These week’s creates were pretty interesting and I feel like I spent more time than usual on each create. The websites wouldn’t always cooperate with me which was a part of it, but the assignments were a little difficult as well, mainly just a couple of them but time does add up.

Here’s my creations for the week:

Monday: #tdc1751 Streetview an interesting spot in the world you may never visit

This sculpture has always intrigued me, I’d love to go visit someday. Hopefully that someday is soon!

Tuesday: #tdc1752 A GIF Trip to the Moon

Monday is OVER!…. But it is still Tuesday. I get this feeling every week. Still can’t decide if it is a good feeling or bad feeling.

Wednesday: #tdc1753 Illustrate a Storyspark in five photos

This one was definitely the most frustrating out of all the daily creates this week. It took me FOREVER to find a StorySpark I actually liked then trying to illustrate took me a while as well, but in the end I was okay with the final product. It’s not one of my favorites but it works!

Thursday: #tdc1754 Activating Fleming College

I really enjoyed this daily create, it was probably my favorite for the week! Active learning is a popular subject for education majors so I enjoyed talking about this. Plus how adorable is a dog wearing glasses?

Friday: #tdc1755 Finish a story started by @MagicRealismBot

The story is…

I finished it like this….

This one sure made me use m imagination and creativity! I loved reading what everyone else came up with too.

Saturday: #tdc1756 Create something that communicates the positive contributions of clowns

Okay if you haven’t been able to tell by now I am a complete dog lover… even if dogs are mixed with one thing I have always been scared of.

Sunday: #tdc1757 Illustrate a Word That Lacks an English Translation

Personally I think this word should be used all the time.

That’s if for this week. Hope you all enjoyed my funky creations are enjoying working with your own each day! Soon it’ll be over with and time to go home for Christmas break which seems unimaginable really, but better watch out because it is coming soon!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for this next week!


8 thoughts on “Week 3 of TDC

  1. I loved all of your daily creates. I really liked the one with the puppy and how he is a clown. Because sometimes we only think of clowns as mean and bad, we never think of them as cute. Unless you put a clown costume on a dog or even on baby.


  2. Once again, your DCs are making my day. You’re great at them. I’m still behind but have worked ahead in my other classes and will finish this week if it kills me. The Monday is over one is how I feel most days!


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