ILP | week progress

It feels like I haven’t blogged about my Independent Learning Progress in forever. I haven’t work on it as much as I would have liked to but I did manage to get in a couple sessions of reading and journalling. I actually found a couple of ideas I want to do but I imagine one of them in particular will be VERY time consuming. I can’t wait to start them and I will include a link down below of one of the ideas I found.

Here is the few entries I’ve done since last time I blogged about my progress:


Photo CC- By Taylor Geisler

I tried to make this one pretty colorful, because once I again I am drawn to the black and white designs with a pop of color here and there but I am actually happy with how this one turned out.


Photo CC- By Taylor Geisler

This is my new favorite entry so far! Not sure why it is sideways but a little head turning never hurt anyone.


Photo CC- By Taylor Geisler

I saw this design on a piece of artwork in my local bible store and absolutely loved it. I really like how simple it is and how it stands out.


Photo CC- By Taylor Geisler

This is the latest one I have done which was inspired by a rock on Pinterest. This quote was very relevant to this week, I have felt overwhelmed every single day but I am very glad that the weekend is finally here!

Next week I would like to spend some of my time I’ve allotted to my ILP on an idea I found on Pinterest. It was a blog that explained how to mark all the books in the bible to make them easier to find. You can check out the blog here. What she did was use washi tape to signify the start of each book. She put the washi tape on the ends of the pages. I can’t wait to get started on it but I know it will take me quite a bit, but it will be worth it in the end seeing all the colors and designs every time I look at my bible.


Photo CC- By Rachel Teodoro

I hope to find more projects like this that make my bible more exciting and fun!

Anyway I hope you all are enjoying your time spent on each of your projects and see a great amount of progress.

Have a great weekend!



8 thoughts on “ILP | week progress

  1. Wow- you have been busy! I agree, sometimes the simplest designs are the most fun to look back at. I also like how some of the color overlaps into the text, but doesn’t take over the text.


  2. I really like how you are adding color to your ILP. It is looking great! It’s amazing how just adding just a little color how much it brings out some of the words that aren’t in color. I really enjoy seeing what you have done with your ILP.


  3. Psalm 61:2 is definitely a powerful verse. It’s good to find pleasure in reading the bible and writing about it. Also, it’s s good reminder about how God will never put you through something that you can’t handle. College can come with it’s challenges and we all just need some rest every now and then. This seems like a great stress relieving activity as well. Good job!


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