Teen Activism in Technology

Who knew activism would so drastically change throughout the years? The days of walking in circles with posters and chanting are WAY behind us now. Today most activism (especially teen activism) is shown by using social media, for instance, Twitter.


Photo CC- By Loisaida Project

All three of the articles read for this research topic were incredible insightful and helpful. I especially enjoyed the last two. The link for both of them is attached down below

There were quite a few powerful quotes contained in these two articles, I wanted to include them all but that would make for a rather long blog post…..so I will just list my two favorites here!

“A generation of change-makers is showing the world just how powerful a tweet can be. “


“They see us on our phones or laptops and think who knows what. But we’re organizing, we’re creating, we’re signal-boosting, we’re creating awareness. We’re changing the world.”

I mean WOW, that is some pretty powerful stuff! If you’re looking quotes just as ah- strucking as these I would highly recommend checking out both of those websites!

Teens are using social media in their activism to show everyone their opinion. They tweet, retweet, blog, comment, basically anything they feel the need to do to get everyone’s attention through social media. Just about everyone on this planet has social media and checks it multiple times a day, meaning the chances of increasing the number of people seeing these teens in action is very high. Teen activists just want to get their voices heard and the more the merrier.

People are prone to thinking “Oh there just watching cat videos on their phone” whenever they see a mobile device in someone’s hands that has captured there full attention, but really they could be changing the world. This proves to us we shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

These teens are getting more and more followers each day, thousands of retweets every week, and hundreds of comments and shares as well. That fact alone should prove to us that their activism is highly effective. The whole point of activism is to get your ideas out there and give people knowledge, which is exactly what these teens are doing.


Photo CC- By Twitter

I’ll admit I haven’t participated much in any digital activist activity. Right now I inform people of new teaching techniques and ideas as well as ways of worshiping God which I could see as a from of activism just because I am sharing my ideas, opinions, and creations.

My biggest question is if activism has already changed this much how is it going to change in the future? The possibilities and predictions are endless and I imagine it will crazy to look back see all the changes it has already gone through.




4 thoughts on “Teen Activism in Technology

  1. It is really amazing to think about how activism has changed! I also really like the quotes you incorporated because they are very powerful. I think the perspective of kids on their phones is going to change in the near future because of how big digital activism is becoming.


  2. I really liked the quote about how powerful a tweet could be as well. It really is crazy to see how one post can be seen by hundreds of thousands of people! I think even being smart with posting like what we talked about a few weeks ago is a form of digital activism.


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