Class Reflection


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Starting out in this class, while I was scheduling everything into my planner, I thought this class looked like one that I wouldn’t dread doing everyday, turns out I was exactly right.

This class is exciting and creative, I never know what I will be doing week by week or even day by day. I love the fact that it is unpredictable, if I was doing the same thing day in and day out I would bored out of my mind! I figured out through the course of my education I learn best when I get a say in when I complete things and I work best when it isn’t the same homework assignment only with different questions.

This class gives us freedom of what we want to learn and how we choose to accomplish that. I think this is a great preparation for when we actually start teaching. When we become teachers we decide the lessons to be taught, what assignment to do for it, and everything in between, this class is sort of a spin off of that I would say.

With that being said I still think class can be difficult at times, but I expected that . I find it hard to fit everything in each week, but somehow manage to do so in the end. Going into the class I knew it would be time consuming and work my creative juices and I’m finally starting to get the hang of it. I do actually enjoy completing the daily create challenges and journaling in my bible as well as all the other assignments. You can check out all of my projects on my Twitter account here.

The most interesting module for me would be week three. I thoroughly enjoyed watching those TED talks and reading about all the others watched by other classmates. I spent quite a while watching the videos because I found myself going and watching the TED talks that were blogged about.


Photo CC- By ted

The most challenging module for me was week one. I say this because it took me a VERY long time to write a six-word memoir. I just couldn’t seem to find the right words I wanted to say. It wasn’t necessarily hard I think I was just being picky but it definitely took longer than it should have. I ended up with the memoir down below.

For the next and final eight weeks for this class I would really like to learn more about all the tech websites and systems we are using. I have already learned so much about Twitter, WordPress, Feedly, as well as Photoshop, GIF makers, and so much more, but I’d love to learn the things I haven’t quite learned because I know there is LOTS to learn yet. I think in time I will accomplish that because I am becoming more familiar with all the sites and it is becoming easier with each week with all these tricks and tips.

Photo CC- By wordpress                                                Photo CC- By twitter

So far I absolutely love this class and can’t wait to see what the next eight weeks have in store for us!



2 thoughts on “Class Reflection

  1. So glad you’re enjoying the class and feel like you’re learning useful things! I appreciate the connections you’re making between the way this course is set up and what you will be doing as a teacher. I also try to be mindful of the kinds of classrooms I hope my pre-service teachers will create for their K-12 students: classrooms with lots of independence, engagement, choice, responsibility, wonder, creativity. Sometimes our best intentions as we’re designing lessons don’t really pan out, but that’s always my goal!


    • I see all of the techniques and tricks I’m learning in this class benefiting me in the teaching world tremendously. I especially see my Twitter account coming in very handy with lessons and new ideas to incorporate in the classroom.


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