First Week of TDC

This week just seemed to fly by it seems like! I won’t complain though I am very grateful for the long weekend. This was my first week of completing the Daily Create Challenge and I’m rather proud of all my creations. I will say I did get frustrated with a couple just because of the websites and and software I was using trying to make everything look just perfect but I worked through my frustration and got the post done.

I LOVED Thursday and Fridays challenge, probably because I enjoy anything that deals with photography. The other days were pretty new for me, I’ve never created a GIF or used photoshop before but I really liked how my work turned out.

Here are my 7 TDC creations for week number one:

Monday: Create a New Adventure of  Harry the Hipster


Photo CC- By Taylor Geisler

Tuesday: GIF it Up! (History related)

Look at my GIF here!

Wednesday: October 12 is Mashup day (things that happened in history on this day)


Photo CC-By Taylor Geisler

First pledge said in schools attended by the three blind mice!

Thursday: Rain or shine, your city/town/burg is beautiful. Show us the magic.


Photo CC-By Taylor Geisler

Friday: Create a Photograph in Words

Saturday: Birds With Human Arms


Photo CC- By Taylor Geisler

In honor of College Football Saturday!

Sunday: The Laws of #ds106

I’d say the first week went pretty well and I’m excited to see what next week brings! Hope everyone had a great week and a wonderful long weekend!



7 thoughts on “First Week of TDC

  1. I love your creates! I have to admit that I also got a little, ok, really frustrated, with some of the technology aspects of this and may have ranted a bit to my husband. But I think I have it figured out now! Great post!


  2. It seems that the first week went well for you! I’m about to start my 30 day challenge and it definitely helps me out to see what kinds of things they have you create. I like the fact that most of the challenges are open ended and allow for a wide array of creativity.


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