Google it

I catch myself saying “Just Google it” more and more when someone asks a question I do not know the answer to. Google and the internet itself has become a huge tool that can be accessed from just about anywhere on any electronic device. When the assignment came up to “google yourself” I actually got kind of excited. I remember googling myself quite a bit back in Junior High, that’s what we found fun to do whenever our homework was done but we still had time in the computer lab. When I did just that today I was actually surprised at what I found.


The first thing that popped up was my Facebook account. I figured that would be one of the first things to pop up on the search. Next was something that wasn’t about me at all, just the same name. After that I saw my Pinterest account a few times on the search and then my Twitter account once.

Next I clicked on images to see what I could find. I was surprised to see an actual picture of me pop up as the fifth image. It was the picture I set as my Twitter account profile as well as my Pinterest profile picture. After that there were a couple of pictures from my hometown Gazette of me during high school activities. There were actually quite a few pictures of pins I pinned on Pinterest, this made me feel even more like a Pinterest addict than I thought I was.

After searching myself I’d say the spaces I am most active on are Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. I’m assuming those are some of the most common popular pages for everyone though. If you were to click on the links my online identity would say I am very much into social media. Although I will saw when I am on social media I try not post too many things, I’ve never wanted to be “that person” who annoys everyone of their followers/friends.

Growing up my mom hounded my brother and I on keeping our social media appropriate for all ages. She always said “Would you post that if your grandmother had Facebook?” That sure made me think twice about posting things. Now that I think about it I’m very happy she reminded us about posting appropriate things because soon I will be in search for an actual career and don’t want anything to ruin my chances. A potential employer might find out about me after googling me that I love to pin things about future classrooms, cute animals, and recipes and I also tweet creative geometry pictures and cheesy math jokes. However I’d say for the most part I’m okay with my future boss knowing those things about me.

I was actually surprised that a lot of things that did pop up when I searched myself were really my things. I was expecting to scroll down a while before I actually found things relating to myself. It’s not as fun as I remember it being but googling myself definitely made me think about my online identity.


6 thoughts on “Google it

  1. I think that having your main search sites come up as Pinterest, Facebook and twitter are better than some might be! I couldn’t even find myself on Google, I guess I have a really common name, but I’m not too concerned about it because to be honest I never really post anything on social media. It is a fun way to see yourself through the eyes of someone else though!


  2. I remember how fun it used to be for my friends and I to google ourselves and each other – it was so exciting to see what we could find! I like that your mom hounded you about keeping your social media appropriate. I always think about my grandma seeing my posts, too, and I have younger friends on social media that I want to be a good example to. Great post!


    • Well thinking of your grandma while on social media is a great step to being a good role model, hopefully others consider this too especially since more and more young people are joining the social media world.


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