What in the world is ds106?

If you’re like me after reading “ds106” you could say you have no clue what that means. It kind of comes of as intimidating actually, usually when I see a couple of letters and a few numbers stuck together I think of planes and cars, don’t ask me why I just do. After reading the website ds106.us I realized I had pictured something completely opposite. Ds106 seems to be somewhat complicated on actually describing what it is but I’ll try my best in doing so.

Ds106 is basically an online class where students of all ages can join, on their own time if they wish, developing better technology handling skills, keeping up with all the modern trends, and practicing their creative skills as well. Ds106 is an open online course on digital storytelling that was developed five years ago by a professor from the University of Mary Washington.


There are  a few different classes through ds106 lead by different professors but there is also an open class anyone can join, even if it is just them joining individually. Through ds106 there are different assignments to pick from that can be completed each week. These assignments can be things like dropping pictures on top of a picture of an eye to “see what eye see”, create a movie scene reenactment, or develop a busy movie poster. My favorite assignment I’ve seen is one under the category of creating a movie scene reenactment. If you’re in need of a quick laugh or are a complete Star Wars nerd like myself, I suggest checking it out here.

Also through ds106 there is a creative challenge called “The Daily  Create.” During  The Daily Create each day a new project is posted that students can complete. They are simple little things that should really only take a few minutes (if you know what you’re doing that is). The short assignments are there to get the creative juices flowing and moving through us. This is done for 30 straight days.


What I think is awesome about ds106 is that it keeps up on the modern trends such as “gifs.” I expect I’ll have to do some searching to figure out all the tools and tips for creating these assignments but I think it’ll be worth it. I also think it’s great how creative this can become. As we grow up and become “adults” I believe we do lose our creativity we had as a child and it can be hard to get that back, but ds106 is just one way of increasing creativity and maybe having it stay with us as well. The more we use our creative skills the more likely we are to keep it (if you don’t use it, you lose it.)

I would love to use assignments inspired by those of ds106  in my future classroom. I think they would be fun activities to do as a class or individually. Of course I would need to adapt the assignments to fit the level of my students but it would be a great way of taking things off a serious note and letting the students have fun.

After reading more about ds106, I am no longer intimidated but I would really like to get more information about it as well. Overall it seems pretty neat and well worth the time!




4 thoughts on “What in the world is ds106?

  1. You put it perfectly when you said it was intimidating! Honestly I put off this weeks assignment because I was confused looking at it initially. Once I got into it I saw it had a lot of great ideas to use in the classroom!


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