This Weeks ILP Progress

I want to admit something right away- I didn’t work as much on my Independent Learning Project as much as I hoped to this week. I found my time was taken up with other homework and finding exactly the right people to follow on Twitter but I did manage to squeeze in some time for bible journaling. It can sometimes be very difficult to find times for everything we hope to get done but once I started working on my journaling I found it to be very relaxing and exactly what I needed for this week.

While spending a little time on Pinterest looking for inspiration for my project this week I happened across this post here “I am the daughter of the one true king.” I love this verse it makes me feel encouragement and somewhat powerful. It reminds me of how truly powerful and important our God is and that he truly rules of everything and everyone. After seeing this post I just had to do something in my bible with it and that became my first entry of the week. bj-4

Photo CC-By Taylor Geisler

I apologize for it being upside down, I wasn’t paying close attention when taking it. Anyways here is what I came up with after seeing the post on Pinterest.


Photo CC- By lesfeldickbiblestudy

I also just had to share the post I came across on Pinterest that inspired my creation (which I put above)!

After a busy week of basically running around trying to get everything done I decided this verse fit perfect “His voice is the whisper after the noise.” It was just what I needed to hear after a hectic week. It was a reminded that there will be busy and chaotic times but it will always slow down. I need to remember to take time to breath every once in a while and remember that God will never give us more than we can handle, we just need to make it through the tough times.


Photo CC- By Taylor Geisler

I hope to work more in my bible this weekend as I will be on campus the whole time. I’ve already been looking for new ideas for my creations and drawings. I hope you all have a fun weekend and maybe even a productive one at that!


6 thoughts on “This Weeks ILP Progress

  1. I also found a few bible verses that helped me through this hectic week! I love that you highlight your verse and then rewrite it on the side! I am not creative, but I love the idea. Great post!


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