My take on Personal Learning Networks

Personal Learning Networks are a completely new thing for me. I don’t think I’ve never actually heard of them before which is why I spent quite some time researching. After searching the internet for several different articles and examples on PNLs (Personal Learning Networks) I feel as if I now have a great understanding for PNLs and know exactly how useful they can be not only for future and current educators but for anyone out there interested in just about anything.

Out of the many different articles I found, two were the most helpful for me at least but I do think they would be helpful for you as well. The first one is Step 1: What is a PLN?. This was extremely helpful in explaining what a PLN is which is a global network (youtube, Twitter, Blogs) where people can connect with other people in their area of interest, sharing ideas, thoughts, and opinions about the topic at hand. Personal Learning Networks are a great way of getting new fresh ideas and creating relationships with people around the world in your interest areas. The website also provided a quick short video that I HIGHLY recommend taking a look at. The video just clarified PLNs, their purpose, and how to get started.


Photo CC- By catspyjamasnz

The other website article I came across was Personal Learning Networks for Educators: 10 Tips. This website provided ten tips on getting started with Personal Learning Networks. I won’t give you all the tips but I will say the one I need to remember is #8- Be Patient. I am one who tends to give up on things if I can’t figure out how to work them in 0.2 seconds. I just get frustrated and do not want to waste time on actually figuring them out, but I do know that I should because of all the knowledge they could provide. I cannot explain how useful this short article is if you really want to develop a great PLN, just trust me when I say “go check it out!”


Photo CC- By Caroline Bucky

The article How to Cultivate Your Personal Learning Network is another great article to read when researching PLNs. It gave eight steps on developing a Personal Learning Network and how to make them more beneficial. From this article I found the website called Diigo which I am absolutely in love with! It is taking me a while to fully get the hang of it but with time I will be using it like a pro! Diigo is  a great way to find new sources about whatever it is you may be interested in. I’ve used to follow more people on Twitter and find blogs about my PLN.


Photo CC- By Joyce Seitzinger

As for right now my Personal Learning Plan is centered on elementary education and middle level mathematics because that is my major and my endorsement. I have already found so many insightful blogs to follow along with experts on Twitter but I plan on searching for many more. I do already see some fine tuning I will need to do, but that is always part of the process. I hope to add to my PLN insightful research and opinions of the topic and build the PLN community. I would also like to build a PLN centered on bible journaling because that is what I am focusing on for my ILP.

Here is one of the Twitter accounts I now follow, tweeting about math discussions! This is just one of the many helpful tweets I’ve seen just in a day!

I’m very excited to join a PLN and communicate with people who are in my field of study and possibly help me along my journey!


6 thoughts on “My take on Personal Learning Networks

  1. This was a really helpful blog post! I am very similar to you and give up on things really easily. But I really like the pictures and the links you incorporated. I’ve never really knew about PLN’s either but once I researched them I realized that I have my own.


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