ILP Update

This week for my Independent Learning Project I finally started journaling in my bible! I am pretty happy with the results actually. I didn’t read my bible as much as I had hoped too, I just kind of picked a verse that I felt was relating to my day or a situation and read a little bit of that chapter surrounding the verse.

For my first bible journal entry I decided I’d start way at the beginning and pick a verse or two describing on what days God created the Earth and things on it. It took me a while to come up with a design but after spending a few minutes on Pinterest looking for inspiration and ideas I could incorporate I finally decided what exactly I wanted to put down. I started out pretty strong and it looked rather decent then it began to smudge all over…. me being the perfectionist I am decided I’d start over and cover up my mess with a design I made using scrapbook paper. I was WAY happier with my new design compared to the smudged up mess I had before. Here is what my ending entry looked liked:


For my second creation I just picked a verse I liked and spent about fifteen minutes reading a little bit more from the chapter it was in which was First Corinthians. I thought this verse fit pretty well with the way the day was going. I felt pretty down all day about the amount of work I had to do but after reading this verse I remembered everything I was stressing about was eventually going to help me succeed. Now I know that doesn’t directly relate to the verse “Let all things be done for building up” but I found a way to relate to my current situation. This entry is probably my favorite out of my first three! I loved the way the pens wrote on the pages and they surprisingly didn’t bleed into the next page. You will probably see me using pens like these a lot more as I continue with my project. Here is what this one looks like:



Finally my last creation for the week was one of my all time favorite verses. This verse is “Pray more, worry less.” The bible I am using to journal in doesn’t use these exact words, but the writing it has pretty much boils down to “pray more, worry less.” Growing up my mom always called me her “worry wart” and that nickname still fits me today. I worry and get anxious about almost everything including a drive, a test, and everything in between. This verse is a great reminder for me to stop worrying about everything and to instead pray about it. When I do pray about my anxieties it is amazing how fast I feel relaxed and as if a weight has been taken off my shoulders. This verse means so much to me and yet it is only four small words but those four small words are so incredibly powerful. Here is a picture of this entry:


As for next week I would like to read more than I have been doing this week. I plan on journaling whenever I feel as if I want/need to. I have saved quite a few verses from my daily devotional app and can’t wait to get started on them. So far I am completely in love with bible journaling and hope to be able to get more out of it with each coming week.


2 thoughts on “ILP Update

  1. Another saying that could apply to you is, “Let go, and let God!” That is often my motto,especially when dealing with my teenagers at home. Sometimes all we can do is pray. I’m not sure where it came from, but it is catchy. The capital letters L and G are fun to play with in calligraphy too.
    Another saying that is on my wall at school is, “We plan and God laughs.” Our schedule changes almost daily, and we have to remain very flexible. Humor and patience helps a lot. Love your creativity!


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