Passion Motivates. Passion Drives.

Passion is a word most people wouldn’t associate with learning, I myself usually don’t associate it with learning or school. We don’t realize how passionate learning can be, but after reading the articles Passion-Based Learning  and 3 Questions to Drive Passion Based Learning  I know realize why it is important we create passion for learning.

Passion is important because it creates a need to do something no matter what that something might be. It motivates people to finish projects, to go out and meet people, and so many other countless things, the list of things passion can do for a person is endless. Passion can make things that were once dull now exciting and thrilling. It is a lot easier to do something if you are actually excited about it and it is a lot easier to listen to someone speaking about something they are actually passionate about.

George Couros said three questions that drive passion based learning are:

  1. What will I learn?
  2. What will I solve?
  3. What will I create?

These questions really stood out to me. They could be so powerful in the classroom when dealing with work. They could make the students really think about their work and what they are doing. Sometimes I feel as if students get the assignment and just do it without putting their own thought into or their own feelings but if we stop and ask them these questions we might create passion in them for their projects. If passion is created in the classroom about learning, imagine the passion that would be created in everything we do.

Learning is absolutely everywhere, not only just in school but in everywhere we look and in everything we do. Everyone is passionate about something whether that is sports, family, religion, or anything else but the goal should be to add learning to the list of passions.

Growing up I really didn’t have a specific teacher that showed their passion on her sleeve. However, in my very first college class a year ago here in Chadron I finally found that teacher and it just so happened that she was teaching me how to teach. I hated missing her class, it was my favorite class of the day, actually my favorite class of the year. She made class fun and exciting even at eight o’clock in the morning. My ideas of teaching completely changed by the time that class was over and my excitement for teaching and learning grew even more each day.

I hope I become the teacher she is today. I hope I make the kids feel as if they want to come to class. I hope my passion for teaching rubs off on them. I hope I can inspire my students to become passionate teachers.


Photo CC- By pirate_renee

Passion-Based Learning

3 Questions to Drive Passion Based Learning



7 thoughts on “Passion Motivates. Passion Drives.

  1. Great post! I have never thought about how learning is everywhere, even in sports and other passions that we might have. I think I know which teacher you are talking about here at Chadron and I totally agree with you! She is so awesome and cares about all of her students. It makes such a huge difference when a teacher cares so much.

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  2. I completely agree with you and this post! There are so many teachers who just go day to day giving the same lectures as before, and it is so easy to just fall into that rut. As teachers and future teachers it is important to always stay inspired by what we are doing and to always want to strive to be the best for our students!

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