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At the start of this week I decided I would do a little bit more research before I sat down and actually start journaling in my bible. I spent a few hours over the course of the week googling bible journaling blogs, looking up different ideas on Pinterest (I probably spent more time on Pinterest than I needed too), looking at different apps, and looking on Twitter for more ideas.

Finally when I was done creating a list of all the things I thought I would need (I probably will going back to the store pretty soon knowing me) I headed to the store and bought my items that I didn’t already have. When I looked in my cart I thought everything I got looked like I was about to hide away in my room all weekend and scrapbook every picture I had. Don’t get me wrong I would be okay with that too but I am EXTREMELY excited to get started now that I can physically look at all my utensils. It’s just something about being able to see things first hand that makes me more excited to create it rather than just talking about it.

I did find a couple Twitter accounts of people sharing their ideas, so I’m sure you will be seeing me retweet quite a few. I also found a few more pages on Pinterest that show off bible journaling creations and also a couple blogs. The one thing I am really excited about is an app I got on my iPhone. The app is called “DVO: Daily Devotionals, verses and inspirational quotes.” It does cost a little but I justified the purchase and went ahead and bought it. What it does is every day they post a new picture on the app and usually it has a bible verse or a quote that somehow relates to a bible verse. Along with the picture there is a little devotional you can read explaining the verse and maybe even adding a personal story of someone as well. The pictures are just gorgeous (I’ve saved some as backgrounds) and I figured I could be inspired by the verses and use some as one of my bible pages.

So from now one I plan on spending an hour or so coming up with an idea for a page to complete for that week. Then I will read from my bible for a couple hours a week, most likely reading a little everyday. Sometime during the week I will begin my page and post it whenever I finish.

I know my pages won’t be fantastically beautiful but I just want to use this as way to get more involved in my faith and closer to God. If somehow I manage to create a half way decent page then I will be happy but all I want to come out of this is a deeper relationship with God and my faith.

I have an hour of free time this morning so I plan on spending it reading my bible a little bit more for the week and maybe start a journaling page. Once I finish my first one I will be sure to post a picture on here! Happy Friday and have a great weekend! 2362723319_e8ee8109a9_o

Photo CC- By Mars Hill Church Seattle


6 thoughts on “Bible Journaling | ILP

  1. Wow, this seems a lot more crafty than I had expected. I thought journaling was like blogging – just writing out your thoughts and feelings. I look forward to seeing your creations.


  2. This definitely is a fun and very spiritual activity. I enjoy that you have found an activity that helps your spiritual well-being! This project will benefit you greatly and I encourage you to continue it even after the class is over. Good job!

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  3. I like that you’ve utilized many digital resources to inspire your project! I’m also a fan of Pinterest, and I know the feeling of spending too much time there (is there really such a thing as spending too much time on Pinterest, though?).

    “It’s just something about being able to see things first hand that makes me more excited to create it rather than just talking about it.” I totally agree with this! I love the stage in any project where you’ve finally gathered what you need and can actually begin working on it. It’s a great feeling!

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