Weekly Project | Bible Journaling

I spent a lot of this weekend trying to think of an idea to complete my Independent Learning Project. Yesterday, while on Pinterest, I finally came up with an idea for my project. My Independent Learning Project will be focused on bible journaling. I have been interested in this activity for a while now but have never really sat down and made time for it, so I figured this would be a great way to make time for it and learn more about it. For Christmas last year, I received all the materials I needed to start bible journaling and just stored them in my closet, but now I plan on digging them out and using them every week.

My plan so far is to make time to read my bible for one or two hours a week, then spend however long I need to complete a page in my bible, filling it with pictures, designs, and anything else. The page I create will be based on a verse or two in the reading I did for that week. As far as picking a section of the bible to read, I don’t have specific plan for that quite yet, but I might just open my bible and start reading on whatever page I open to.

I found out about bible journaling about a year ago when one of my favorite hometown shops started selling the supplies and promoting this activity. I was added to a Facebook page, the store started, where people post pictures of their daily bible creation pages. It’s incredible to see all of the creativity and skills in each of the pages and I hope mine look as half as good as the ones on Facebook!

Along with the Facebook page I have found a couple websites and followed a few Pinterest pages that show examples, give tips, and give step-by-step instructions of bible journaling. I’m sure as the weeks follow I will find more websites and pages that help me design and create my own. I might need all the help I can get!

Overall I think this will be a fun activity to complete for my Independent Learning Project. I hope I can really get involved and enjoy this activity and carry it on past the project. It’s a great way to get closer to God and have fun with daily devotionals. I don’t want to have the best and prettiest pages out there I really just want to have fun with this project and learn more about it. I’m excited to get started and see where this project takes me!


Photo CC-By Riley Kaminer


11 thoughts on “Weekly Project | Bible Journaling

  1. I absolutely love this! It took me forever to come up with my independent learning project and I am still unsure that I chose a really great one…. This is by far the one of the best ones that I have read. I too, would love to do something like this!

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    • I’m glad you think I chose a good topic! I’m sure yours is great too, once we actually start getting into the project it’ll become fun. I can’t wait to to get started!


  2. Awesome project choice! This will benefit you greatly both spiritually and emotionally. What I enjoy about your project is that it allows you time to find yourself and to be closer with God. The spiritual aspect of health is something that is neglected by many and a project like this is something that could help someone out. Good luck on your project!


  3. I love your plan for your independent learning project! I really considered doing something similar for my project, but ended up going a different route. I am excited that I will get to learn through your blogs and your tweets during this semester! Great post 🙂

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