Figuring out Digital Literacy

In all honesty I really didn’t use/know about digital literacy. I’ve heard about a few times here and there, growing up in high school but my high school just got to the “technology stage” of everything. I guess you could say we were behind times. After spending a little while researching digital literacy and trying to understand it’s main concept, I feel as if I now have a better understanding for it’s purpose.

The website that I found to hold the most (helpful) information on digital literacy was of course the one that had “digital literacy” in the URL address. The link is I cannot explain in words how extremely helpful this website was. It may have taken me a while to find it, but it was totally worth it. Right of the bat it gave the definition of digital literacy and it’s purpose in our society, which would be convenient for someone who has no idea how to interpret the meaning of digital literacy. This website provides several tools for teachers, students, and other citizens who want to learn more about digital literacy. It gave links, exercises, and websites for great things like keyboarding practice, lists of apple apps to download, lesson plans, helpful videos on just about everything, and numerous more things. Overall I think is a great tool especially for teachers trying to improve their students learning process. I can guarantee I will use this website quite often in my future teaching plans.

Of course there were other helpful websites all over the internet, informing me of what digital literacy is. I would recommend doing some of your own research because maybe the one I listed isn’t what you are looking for, but I promise there is at least one website that will provide what you are looking for on digital literacy. Microsoft even offers courses on digital literacy. From what I could tell by their website, they provide three different level courses which people can sign up for to better navigate our technology world. I believe these classes would help everyone feel more comfortable when using different programs, software, and websites.

Digital literacy is literally everywhere in our world today, there is no escaping it. With that being said, you might as well embrace it. It can improve not only our technology skills, but our communication, understanding, and overall education. With time these field of technology will grow and become bigger than it is today, but that only means we will be provided with several more tools and helpful creations used to better improve our students education along with our own.

To me digital literacy is the ability to use technology to create and communicate different ideas, research, information, and just about anything else.

I’m sure my definition will change over time as I work more in the digital literacy age and develop more skills and complete more research but for now I feel as if that definition listed above is one that suits digital literacy for as much knowledge I have of it.

Image result for digital literacy definition

Photo CC- By Rachaeliln



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