My Learning Pathway

My education experience fortunately has had more good than bad events. I can probably count the “life ruining” moments in school on one hand, which I would count as a plus. I’ve been lucky enough to have several WONDERFUL teachers, but just like picking a rotten apple out of bushel, I’ve had a couple teachers I wish I could forget. There are many more than 5 experiences I’ve had that were benchmarks for my learning career but I can certainly narrow it down to the 5 most important ones.

1.) I’ll start from the very beginning and explain one of my experiences from Preschool. In preschool I absolutely loved my two teachers. They were always so encouraging, enthusiastic, and comforting. I was and still am a mamma’s girl so that first week of preschool I was pretty much a mess, but eventually I got over it and never even noticed when my mom would leave that morning from work after dropping my off at preschool. That only happened because my teachers Shelly and Margorie. They made me feel as if I could do and learn anything in school, which kept my mind busy and not thinking about how much I missed my mom. They made me feel so comfortable in the learning environment that I dreaded going back home after school, all I wanted to do was stay in classroom and keep learning. There is no doubt in my mind that I owe my love of school to Shelly and Margorie.

me preschool

Photo CC-By Jill Geisler

2.) My next Ah-Ha learning moment would have taken place in Kindergarten, in Mrs. Larson’s room. We just finished our reading for the day when Mrs. Larson gave us permission to play with building blocks for half an hour, but she said our goal was to build a tower and get it as high as we possibly could. I was working with one of my classmates, Megan, and we got our tower to be higher than anyone else’s in the classroom. This was a great feeling, we both felt accomplished and proud of ourselves! But of course we couldn’t just stop, so we kept going and added a couple more blocks on top, until one of the boys in our classroom came over and knocked our tower to the ground, leaving only two or three blocks in place. I remember becoming so frustrated with this certain classmate and feeling like I could cry because we worked so hard and long on this project and it was ruined in the matter of a few seconds. This experience was definitely an eye opener for me, teaching me that with every victory there will be downfall eventually, but you still have to keep going and learning.


Photo CC- By Martial Arts Nomad

3.) During Elementary School I would say I had some pretty great experiences and times, but in fourth grade I will say that it could have been a lot better than it was. I started out my fourth grade year very positive and upbeat, but that all turned around soon. I started developing a huge case of anxiety and I never wanted to leave home. It was fight with my mom every morning to go to school, usually I ended up with big old tears streaming down my cheeks begging my parents to let me stay home. It got to the point where I missed about a day of school a week, that’s when I started speaking with the school counselor and trying to come up with ways to get me to relax and stop worrying about everything. My anxiety slowly started to get better and I went to school on a regular basis, but fourth grade year was by far the worst school year I have had. To this day I still don’t know what caused my anxiety to pop up.


Photo CC- By Practical Cures

4.) Fifth grade year was when I developed my love for mathematics. My homeroom teacher was the math teacher for our whole grade and I became very good friends with her, and still talk to her today. Before fifth grade I never really enjoyed math, I was good at it but never thought of it as my favorite subject. One day we were working on times tables and I became the first student in my class to complete a times table under one minute and because of that our teacher gave me a ring she made out of a five dollar bill (I still have the ring). I felt extremely proud of myself for accomplishing this class plus being the first one in the class to do so. Math became my new favorite subject and I always looked forward to my first and last class of the day, because that meant I got to spend time in math room. I can’t help but now realize that this certain day is probably why my goal is to become a middle school math teacher.


Photo CC- By Back On The Bus

5.) My latest education experience and biggest was the day I graduated from high school. Graduating from high school is sort of a big deal and it is one of the greatest accomplishments there is. That day as I was sitting in the middle of gym floor, surrounded by my fellow classmates, listening to a close friend of mine give a speech which was possibly the greatest speech I have ever heard, it was nice to go back and think about all the great memories I had with my classmates throughout my education career. We all had good and bad times, not to sound cliche, but it’s true. High school was a long four years but I really don’t regret anything I did and didn’t do. School taught me not only educational information but it taught me how to work with people, make friends, understand social cues, stay on people’s good side, and lastly how to find the “eatable” food in the cafeteria. All in all I wouldn’t trade my education experiences for anything else.


Photo CC-By Jill Geisler


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