The Friday 56: December 11th

A couple years ago I was very much into a hockey phase and I still to this day drag my boyfriend to as many hockey games as I can. All of that was due to one series of books called The Assassins Series. I fell in love with this books and I have read all 3 many times so I thought I’d share with you a passage from the 56th page of the first book Taking Shots by Toni Aleo…

“Ellie went to the first rack, looking through it, when her phone singled a text message. It was Shea.

I miss your small hand.

She grinned so big that she thought her face was gonna break.”

Eleanor Fisher is a professional photograph who happens to get her dream job photographing the Nashville Assassins hockey team. She has been a fan since she was little and has had a crush on the captain Shea Adler since she can remember and is completely star stuck as soon as she puts him in the frame of her camera, little does she know Shea thinks she is the bees knees and has to find out who she is.

I would recommend these books for anyone who needs a fun, easy, romance book to read. There are a few intense scenes but it is totally worth it! Have a great weekend!


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