Top Ten: Top 10 of the Semester

I really can’t believe this semester is over. It seems like time just flew by and I’m guessing next semester will too. Over the past 16 weeks I read about 165 children’s books! I’m actually very happy with the amount that I read and I’m excited to keep reading because my list of wishlist books just keeps growing and growing! It is very hard to pick my top ten favorite books but I’ll give it a shot!

Top Ten books of the semester:

  1. 10,000 Dresses by Marcus Ewert

This is a fun book with bright pictures on every page! This book teaches the reader to be themselves no matter how they feel. It’s great for kids struggling to fit in and having a hard time figuring out who they are and what they like best.


2. Martina the Beautiful Cockroach: A Cuban Folktale by Carmen Agra Deddy

If you are squeamish towards bugs I would highly recommend you over look your fear and read this book! It was fun, humorous, and entertaining. I’m not a big fan of bugs but this one is too great to pass up!

martina the beautiful cockroach

3. Just Grace by Charise Mericle Harper

This is actually a series of books (I think 4 total) but they are chapter books. Just Grace is a girl in middle school who loves making lists, going on adventures with her best friend Mimi, and bugging her downstairs neighbor. Although this is a chapter book, it does have a few drawings here and there making it a great transition book!

just grace

4. We are in a Book! by Mo Willems

This is the 22nd book in the series Elephant & Piggie, and out of all of the ones I read I found this one to be my favorite. It somehow brings the reader into the book making reading it that much more fun! I found myself giggling on each page in this one!


5. The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? by Mo Willems

This book teaches the lessons of being polite and patient pays off but it puts the message in a fun and easy way for children to relate, I mean who doesn’t love cookies?!


6. The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

I have a feeling this book might make it on a lot of Top Ten lists. That should just tell you how great it is!! It is a chapter book but it does not take long to read at all. Plus it is very easy to get into right from the first few pages.

the one

7. Bailey by Harry Bliss

I’m a sucker for animal books, like I’ve said many times before but it is so true. This book happens to be about a dog named Bailey who is given the qualities of human characteristics. It is funny to read and will make you crack up with every turning page!


8. Prayer for a Child by Rachel Field

This book is basically one long prayer separated by beautiful pictures on each page. It asks for protection and peace among other things for a child. It is a very beautiful prayer and could be said for any and every child.


9. Up, Tall, and High! by Ethan Long

Any child loves interactive books which makes them look for hidden things in the book, like flip up pages and such. The pictures in this book are bright and colorful. Plus there are many different activities that could go along with this one.


10. Three Cheers for Tacky by Helen Lester

Tacky is a clumsy young penguin who can’t seem to do anything right but then his crazy ideas come in handy at a great time. Kids would laugh at this book with every page over the fun things Tacky gets himself into!




4 thoughts on “Top Ten: Top 10 of the Semester

  1. I’ve been meaning to read The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? sometime but haven’t yet. Looks like a very fun book that teaches a valuable lesson, and it’s by an excellent author too! Great list!


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