Top Ten: Top 10 Authors

Beginning this semester I really had no idea what authors I did and did not like when it came to children’s book but as I continued on I started noticing different authors. For this list I based the authors on their writing, which books were my favorite and which ones I didn’t care for much. The authors I did like I found myself looking for more of their writings which lead me to this list!

  1. Mo Willems
  2. Charise Mericle Harper
  3. Kate Dicamillo
  4. Maggie Lewis
  5. Iza Trapani
  6. Katherine Hannigan
  7. Paul Fleischman
  8. Michael Chabon
  9. Jeff Brown
  10. Marilyn Singer

Mo Willems is by far my favorite and I hope to finish his series Elephant and Piggie soon!Most of them write fun and entertaining books that I giggle and laugh at every time I read them! Of course I like a few other authors well I have some names stuck in my head but these are the ones I continue to look for whenever I find myself in the library or bookstore!


4 thoughts on “Top Ten: Top 10 Authors

  1. Mo Willems is by far my favorite kids author. His books are so, so funny!! I think I would also have to add Patricia Polacco and Katherine Applegate to this list, if I were to do it myself. They have such incredible books, as well! Great list…thanks for sharing!


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