It’s Monday! What are you Reading?!

Happy Monday! I found myself reading a lot this week…due to how cold it was outside! I stayed inside pretty much all week and caught up on homework and reading which worked out really well. Here are my books for the week…

The Chocolate-Covered-Cookie Tantrum by Deborah Blumenthal

My family never forgets to bring up my temper tantrums whenever they get the chance. They weren’t as bad as the one described in this book (most of them anyways) but this book does provide a good moral behind it. Sophie and her mom are at the park one day when she sees a little girl who has a chocolate-covered-cookie and Sophie decides she really needs one. Her mom says she can’t because she doesn’t have any and it is almost supper time. Sophie then goes crazy kicking and screaming over and over until finally she calms down. After supper her mom has a surprise for her and it makes her temper tantrum look silly.

I’d recommend this book for any younger child that needs to learn how silly tantrums are. Reading this book may help them realize they aren’t necessary and really only cause problems.

cookie tantrum

Carnival by Robin Ballard

Didi has a friend, Emma, who is the parade in the carnival. With each passing float, band, and dancers she looks for Emma but can’t seem to find her until finally she spots Emma and her mom wearing a butterfly costume. Emma then grabs Didi and they all dance in the street together until dark. The pictures in this book were fun and colorful and it was very easy and simple to read!


Nana In The City by Lauren Castillo

This tells the story about a little boy who visits his Nana who lives in the city. On their first walk the boy doesn’t like the city at all and he thinks it is a terrible place for Nana to live. Then the next day Nana gives him a cape which makes the boy feel safe and brave. In the end his opinion changes and decides its not too bad of a place after all. This book was a great, short read with only a few words on every page. I would probably recommend it for Kindergarten or first grade just because of how simple it was.

nana in the city

Burnt Toast On Davenport Street by Tim Egan

This is a cute story about Arthur and his wife Stella and their simple yet crazy life. Every morning Arthur burns the toast and then they go for a walk where five crocodiles always pick on them. One day Arthur almost kills a fly but then the fly says if he lets him live he will grant him three wishes. The fly of course messes up the wishes, turns the toaster into a squirrel, the crocodiles into toasters and, moves him and his wife to a crazy island where creatures sing and dance to them constantly. Finally they figure out a way to get home and the next morning they have burnt toast. I really enjoyed this book it was very fun and entertaining!


Be Who You Are! Jennifer Carr

This book tells the story of a boy named Nick who never felt like a boy he always felt like he was a girl inside. The only people who knew were his parents and his brother until one day they took Nick to Dr. Bee who helped him understand. His parents always told him to be himself and they would always love him no matter what they say. Eventually Nick turns into Hope and of course problems come up but her family is always on her side. This is a great book about remembering to be yourself, not someone you aren’t. I’d definitely recommend this book!

be who you are

Move Over, Rover! By Karen Beaumont

Another animal book! This one is about Rover the dog and a stormy night. Rover finds a place nice in warm to stay through the night which is his doghouse, but other animals keep coming up to him sliding into the dog house with one another until it’s completely full! Finally the skunk figures out a way to make it less crowded. This book is fun and simple to read, even rhyming here and there.


Maxwell’s Mountain By Shari Becker

One day at the park Maxwell notices a huge mountain and asks his mom to climb it but she says he’s too little. After begging his parents his dad says he must be able to be a good outdoorsman before he climbs the mountain so off to researching Maxwell goes. Finally after figuring out the best way to the top, getting all the gear, and training night and day he is ready. Of course there are obstacles on the way up but once he gets there he knows it was worth it. At the top Maxwell spots his next adventure: the ocean. This book was rather long for a picture book but it was worth the read!


Humphrey & Ralph By Katharine Andres

This book is perfect for any children feeling jealous of their new brother or sister. Ralph feels left out once Humphrey is born so he begins to do things that would get his mother’s attention but it doesn’t work at all, she just pays more attention to the baby. One day Ralph figures out the best way to get attention is to be a good big brother which is exactly what he does. Bringing a new baby into the house can be difficult especially for the first child, it is a huge change that may take some getting use to. Books like this one might be able to help the first child cope and understand the baby didn’t replace them.

humphrey and ralph.jpg

A Rock is Lively By Dianna Hutts Aston

This book explains all the different things rocks are such as useful, recycled, lively, and so many more things. On each page it labels all sorts of different rocks and actually gives a lot of information on rocks such as their temperature. This book is definitely for older students because it is A LOT of reading on each page. Besides the information it was pretty entertaining to read.

a rock is lively.jpg

The Retired Kid By Jon Agee

Being kid is a tough job and Brian decides he has had enough! So he flies off to a retirement home, where he meets new friends, takes fun classes, goes golfing, goes to the movies, and so much more. Then after three weeks he decides this just isn’t the life for him at the moment and retirement is a job too. The moral of this book is to enjoy life every moment don’t always look towards the future things just have fun everyday. I struggle at this so this book was perfect for me!

the retired

Just Grace Goes Green By Charise Mericle Harper

Yay! I found another Just Grace book!! This one is just as fun as the first two I read. This one happens to teach a lesson: how to recycle. Miss Lois has assigned the class an assignment to track their recycling for two weeks, the weird thing about it is that Miss Lois is actually excited about! Teacher’s getting excited about learning, who has heard of such a thing?! Also Mimi’s (Just Grace’s best friend) cousin Gwen is staying with them for ten days, which Grace is super excited about! Of course there are lists galore in this book also, no worries about that! I won’t spoil the ending but I hope I got your attention because this book, well this series, is just great and is probably my favorite chapter books I’ve read in this class. I would highly recommend it!!


I also did some extra reading over the weekend. I didn’t have much to do so I decided I would read an old book from high school…well that one book turned into three so I spent my weekend on the couch reading until my heart was content. It was wonderful!!

Good luck with the last couple weeks of class and finals!!







8 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you Reading?!

  1. I too read Nana In The City earlier this semester. I loved the illustrations in this book and read it to my niece and she loved it. All these books sound so awesome and I even wrote down some that I want to check out myself.


  2. It looks like you compiled a great list of books! Believe it or not, I haven’t read any of the books you listed. I definitely want to check out The Retired Kid, that looks great! Thank you for sharing!


  3. “Be Who You Are!” sounds like a wonderful book! This topic seems to be avoided but recently I’ve been seeing more books surface about it. It’s great to introduce it to children while they’re young so hopefully they can keep an open mind as they’re growing up. “A Rock is Lively” sounds good to me as well, I used to collect all different kinds of rocks when I was little, so I know I would have liked it then!


  4. Wow, you read a lot of books this week! I really love A Rock Is Lively and the other books in the series. The illustrations are so, so gorgeous. The text is really beautifully written as well, though as you say, best suited for older students.


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