Additional Learning Project

I feel bad because I haven’t blogged about my extra project for a very long time but I’ve actually found a lot more time to actually work on it so I figured now would be a great time!

My learning project is about teaching cursive in school and if it should or should not still be used. I’ve found a lot of opinions voting on both sides of the subject and it really is a big concern for some people. Personally I think it should be taught at least one year in school. I was taught once and I don’t remember every letter but I can figure it out quickly I think. After spending a few hours relearning cursive I feel like I could read and write pretty well!

To me cursive is an important tool that everyone should have at least some background in. Many of my professors write in cursive during class while we are taking notes, if I didn’t have any background in it I would be completely lost, therefore I’m thankful for my one year of cursive!

I still need to figure out how to present my information but I’m sure I’ll think of something soon!

Have a great Tuesday!!



3 thoughts on “Additional Learning Project

  1. What a very fun and interesting project! I write in a blend of print and cursive (I learned cursive back in 3rd grade over 20 years ago…..geez – I’m so old!). I find that students are not always able to read the cursive. It is a dying art.
    I once clipped a political cartoon from the newspaper. It has a teenage boy looking at the Constitution. He asks the guard (obviously a middle aged man) what language it was written in!
    What is the most interesting thing that you learned?
    I can’t wait to see your learning summary. I’m excited!


    • The most interesting think is actually how much I forgot! I knew I wouldn’t know all the letters but it was suprising to me to learn that I actually didn’t remember as much as I thought I did. Oh well now I can pretty much write them all!

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