It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?!

Happy Monday everyone! I  can’t tell you how excited I am for Thanksgiving and the break. I plan to take this week for granted and relax. Anyways here is what I read this past week…

Little Cub by Olivier Dunrea

This a cute little story about a little cub and an old bear who hate being alone all the time. They do everything alone, fish, eat, sleep, and everything in between. Then one day Old Bear stumbles upon Little Cub. I’m sure you can figure out the rest of the story but I’d still highly recommend it! It was simple and easy to read. I’d recommend it for Kindergarten or first grade readers mostly.

little cub


Word Wizard by Cathryn Falwell

Word Wizard tells the story of a little girl named Anna who becomes a wizard of words. One day Anna realizes she has the power to change words into other words! A boy named Zack comes along and Anna helps him find his way back home through sticky situations by using her power of word changing. I think this book would be great for students learning to sound out words and make sentences. There is so many different activities to do with the book that would make this book even more fun to read.

word wizard

Dragon Tooth by Cathryn Falwell

Sara just got her first loose tooth and it hurts more than anything in the world right now. Her Papa tells her that it’s a dragon roaring to get out because there’s a new tooth coming in. Sara then decides she’ll make a dragon, who happens to have a painful tooth too. Once Sara helps her dragon get his tooth out she realizes her Papa could help her out too. This book would be perfect for a child who just loss their first tooth or has a loose tooth. It might make them more comfortable and realize it is okay to pull it out.

dragon tooth

Rock’n Roll Dogs by David Davis

I just can’t get enough of dog books! The Blues Dogs is band playing at a dance club only for dogs with the exception of kids of course. The book takes you all over the place to see everyone getting ready for the band. They take you to the parlor shop, the ice cream shop, and so many more places until finally they take you to see the band. This book acts like the dogs are humans making it much more fun to read. I am positive most all students would love this book! It is a little long but it’s definitely worth the read.

rock'n roll dogs.jpg

Martina the Beautiful Cockroach by Carmen Agra Deedy

I’m not a bug fan at all so I did have second thoughts about reading this book but I decided I should try it out anyways. It ended up being a pretty good read, probably won’t read it again but I would recommend it to others. Martina just turned 21 days old and is ready to be married. Her grandmother tells her to do the old trick of pouring coffee on your suiter’s shoes before deciding to marry him, to see how he handles it. At first this seems very silly but ends up working for the best. The book was cute and rather funny to read!

martina the beautiful cockroach.jpg

Ten Tiny Turtles A Crazy Counting Book by Paul Cherrill

Another cute counting book. This one is rather short and doesn’t exactly have a plot to it. On each page it lists different amounts of different animals (1 throught 10) doing silly things that the animal most likely wouldn’t do in real life. It was a fun book but I’d recommend many other counting books before this one.

ten tiny turtles.jpg

The Old Black Witch by Wende and Harry Devlin

One of my friends from back home keeps asking me if I’ve read a children’s book about a witch and a white cat, when I saw this one I thought maybe it might be the one he keeps raving about. Turns out it isn’t but it still is a great book! The Old Black Witch tells the story of a boy and his mom who buy an old house hoping to turn it into a café type place. While they are cleaning it they discover an old witch who’s lived there for a hundred years and is not happy about anything they are doing. Eventually they come to turns and the witch actually ends up helping them. The ending is very cute and I won’t spoil it but I will tell you that it is worth the read!

old black witch

I Hate My Brother Harry by Crescent Dragonwagon

Growing up with a younger brother I can relate to this book very well. My brother and I never saw eye to eye on most things but deep down inside I still love him. This book is about a sister and her brother Harry who picks on her constantly. She thinks she hates him but really it’s just what all brothers and sisters go through. I will say my brother and I picked on each other a lot but now that I’m five hours away our relationship has grown and we actually miss each other. I thought this book was great and I’d recommend it for any siblings going through troubles.

i hate my brother.jpg

What Can You Do With a Shoe? By Beataric Schenk De Regniers

There are so many different fun activities students could do with this book! It’s about all the different things you can do with a shoe, a hat, a cup, a broom, and a bed. Most of the ideas are crazy and way out there but that is what makes the book fun! The pictures are only red and black which make the shoe, hat, cup, broom, and bed stand out that much more. It really was a great book to read.

what can you do with a shoe.jpg

Gossie by Olivier Dunrea

This is a cute short book about a gosling named Gossie who loves to wear her red boots. She wears them everyday no matter what she is doing. One day they go missing, after checking everywhere she discovers them somewhere you wouldn’t ever guess. I’d recommend this book for early elementary students due to how easy and short it is to read.


Still Just Grace by Charise Mericle Harper

Last week I read Just Grace and absolutely loved it. I was so excited that the library had the sequel and I knew I had to read it this week so I did. I ended up loving this book too! This one is just as silly as the first one but that is what makes it fun! Grace still makes many MANY lists about anything and everything, really just anything she think is important. She’s just like any other middle school girl who goes through silly little struggles everyday, ones that will seem ridiculous later in life. Of course her best friend Mimi, worst enemy Sammy, and downstairs neighbor Augustine are along for all her adventures.This book is fun and entertaining just like the first one. I’d recommend this series to anyone! I’m sure it could turn several students into readers.

still just grace.jpg

I hope you all have a great break and a great Thanksgiving!



9 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?!

  1. It looks like you compiled a great list of books! I played the trumpet throughout middle and high school, so “Rock N Roll Dogs” sounds awesome! Surprisingly enough, I haven’t read any of the selections you listed. I better get reading, thank you for sharing!


  2. I have only read one of these books and that is Martina the beautiful cockroach. I really enjoyed it. I loved the illustrations in it. The rest of the books you choose sound really good too.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving break week! I love your list of books this week–especially the cover on Still Just Grace! Is that a picture book or a chapter book? I’m also loving the sound of Old Black Witch! It seems like it would make an excellent Halloween book! 🙂


  4. Have you ever had a book or a smell that transforms you backwards in time. Those books that you have up by Cathryn Falwell did that to me. There are so many things locked in my memory and I appreciate you bringing them out again. Great books.


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