Skyping in the Classroom

It’s incredible how technology is growing in and out of the classroom. It sure is different having a child showing the teacher how to use something. It is actually funny to watch the roles switch every once in a while. I think using technology such as skyping is a great idea! It allows the students to become more interested and involved in the lesson. I’m sure if you walked around you would see most children are already using technology at a young age so why not bring it into the classroom too?!

In the article “The Skyping Renaissance” I didn’t find anything that I was taken back by or surprised by but I found several interesting things. One thing that caught my eye was the “mystery skypes” I think that is a wonderful idea! It could help introduce so many different lessons and get the students excited about the next lesson.

In my future classroom I would love to have skype visits. Not only from authors but really anyone. I think it would be something different than what most students expect from normal classrooms and give them something to look forward to and remember in the future.

My dream author to invite into my classroom in person or through skype would have to be Mo Willems. I could name many others I’d love to have but Mo Willems just seems so fun and entertaining. I guarantee my future students will be reading Mo Willems books sometime, most likely multiple times.

The world is changing so much today, we need to realize ways to change with it. Skyping in the classroom is just one way to do exactly that.


6 thoughts on “Skyping in the Classroom

  1. I agree that students today are becoming the one’s teaching teachers! Kids are so proficient in technology now, and while some view it as a bad thing, I think it’ll be great for them as they grow up. Knowing a thing or two about technology is always beneficial! I also agree Skype could be used in the classroom, just another way to bring technology into their ever expanding world!


  2. It’s great to read of some positives as it pertains to technology. I think that Skyping within the classroom is such a fantastic idea! It really does allow the user an endless opportunity at accessing the world. I feel that this sort of technique would prove to be inspiring in regards to education for the students as well. Thank you for sharing!


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