It’s Monday! What are you Reading?!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great week and enjoyed all their reading! I read 11 books this week and here they are….

Pancakes for Breakfast By Tomie DePaola

Pancakes are my favorite thing to eat in the morning so this book caught my eye right away! It’s about an older lady who is trying to make pancakes but seems to run into every problem possible from having no eggs, butter, milk, or syrup until finally she gets them all but then the biggest problem of all pops up! This book only has pictures no words. I really enjoy this types of books, it’s a nice change every once in a while!

pancakes for breakfast

The Elephant in Duck’s Garden By Judy Delton

This book too caught my eye because I love elephants and this one has one right on the cover! One day an Elephant shows up in Duck’s garden, trampling and eating his plants. Duck goes and grabs his friend Bear to see if he can help him remove the elephant. They seem to think of every solution that always seem to fail, but the one thing they don’t think of is asking him to leave. I think this could be a great lesson for younger kids. I’d recommend it for anyone.

(couldn’t find a picture)

Cross-Country Cat By Mary Calhoun

This is a cute story about a family and their cat who go on a vacation to the cabin to ski. On accident they leave the cat behind and the cat has to figure out a way to go find them and quick. He decides to ski his way to them. He has to go through several obstacles along the way but it ends in a happy way. I enjoyed this book and it was very easy to read. I’d recommend it for any cat lover!

cross country cat

The Wimp By Kathy Caple

I didn’t really enjoy this book to be honest. I like the pictures and it was somewhat funny but I think it would give kids the wrong idea about bullying and how to handle bullies. Two pigs are picking on two other pigs constantly and finally one day the two pigs who are being bullied get back at the bullies by taking the ladder away and making them stuck on top of the school. Although it is a little funny it teaches kids that it’s okay to bully back which it is not. I would not recommend this book especially for young children.

the wimp

Andrew’s Amazing Monsters By Kathryn Hook Berlan

I know it isn’t Halloween anymore but this book looked too cute to pass up! It’s about a little boy named Andrew who loves drawing monsters. One night he hangs all his monsters up on his wall above his bed and when he wakes up he realizes they aren’t on the paper anymore. After searching he finally finds them! I loved this book because it paints a new picture on monsters and what people think of monsters. I think anyone would enjoy this book and I’m sure little kids would love it!

andrews amazing monsters

Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon! By Pat Cummings

This book is about a little boy named Harvey who has a terribly messy room. His mother tells him one day that he needs to clean his room and he won’t be allowed to watch TV until he does so. Now it’s takes him several hours to finish and he finds several interesting things while he is cleaning. I feel like this book could be very relatable for some children and I’m sure they’d enjoy this book very much. It was easy to read and pictures were fun and bright!

clean your room harvey moon

Because Your Daddy Loves You By Andrew Clements

I thought this book was one of the cutest I’ve read. It’s about a father and daughter who go to the beach. The daughter makes messes, losses things, and slows down their trip but the book explains that Daddys don’t get mad they just help. This reminds me of all the things my dad does for me and I couldn’t be more thankful for him. I’d recommend this book for anyone, I’m sure they’d enjoy it!

 because your daddy loves you

Magic Carpet By Pat Brisson

This book is about a little girl, Elizabeth, and her Aunt Agatha who make up a story on how a rug got to their house. They’re story takes them all over the United States, stopping in each state to do something different. This book really gets your imagination going and I’m sure there is a lot of activities you could do in the classroom involving this book.

 magic carpet

The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man By Michael Chabon

Anyone who loves superheroes would love this book. It’s about a superhero named Awesome Man who flies around saving the world. He tells the reader all about his super power, his secret identity, and his hidden fortress. I can picture so many little kids getting into this book and end up loving it! The pictures are colorful and bright and it’s very easy to read.

secret man

Let It Shine By Ashley Bryan

This book is now one of my new favorites! It has a few songs in it that I use to sing in Sunday School. I grew up singing these songs so being able to read them in a children’s book just makes me so happy. The pictures in this book are great, they’re loud and colorful and stand out completely. I’d highly recommend this book for anyone especially if they’re looking for a book to read in Sunday School!

let it shine

Brian’s Winter by Gary Paulson

Brian’s Winter is the third book in the Brian’s Saga and it describes his adventures during the winter (obviously). It is actually a little confusing to read because I haven’t read the first or the second books so I’m still a little hazy on the whole thing but I got out of it what I could. It’s perfect for students in maybe third or fourth grade or so that love adventure books.  What I gathered from is that this book tells the story as if Brian hadn’t been rescued before. He goes through several obstacles like most would such as breaking his only gun and the fact that it’s dead winter. I won’t spoil the ending but I would recommend that you read the first two books if you’re interested.

On just a side note Gary Paulson wrote this book because he received as many as 200 letters a day in the mail asking him to basically write an alternate ending so that’s what he did, which I found to be pretty interesting.

brians winter


11 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you Reading?!

  1. I read the first installment of Gary Paulsen’s Brian books and I really enjoyed it. I never knew that he wrote this third book as an alternate ending. That’s actually really interesting to me! Now I really want to read the second and third books so that I know what all the fuss was about in the original ending. All of your books from this week sound perfect for me! Adding them to my “Want to Read” List now!


  2. What a wonderful list of books that you have read this week! I love the sound of Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon! The illustrations look awesome and I can think of at least two little people in my house who could benefit from reading it…haha. 🙂 Which book was your favorite this week?


  3. Looks like a great list of interesting books! Pancakes for Breakfast looks like a fun story, and I definitely agree with you that a wordless book is a good change-up every once in a while. Magic Carpet seems creative and unique, telling about an exciting adventure. Good post!


  4. “Because Your Daddy Loves You” might just be my favorite picture book of all time- I melted in a puddle when reading all the cuteness. It reminds me of my father too- Andrew Clements is great.


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