Friday the 56th: November 6th

Happy Friday everyone! I am so ready for this weekend but I know it’s going to fly by like it usually does…Anyways for my Friday post I took a preview from 56th page of the book called Catching Jordan Miranda Kenneally

“How about we race for an ice cream?” Henry says. “First person back has to make the other a hot fudge sundae.”

 I sprint off, passing a tractor chugging down the road. I yell, “You’re on!”

The sun starts to set, and we race into the pink-lemonade sky.

This book use to be my life back in 9th grade, I can’t even count how many times I read it cover to cover. It’s a romance book about a girl named Jordan who plays football for the starting team. She’s actually the quarter back. Her dad use to play for the NFL and now her older brother plays college ball so you could say she knows her stuff. She starts to realize through the year that she is developing feelings for her lifetime best friend who is also on the football team.

I’d recommend this book for any high schooler looking for a great sports romance novel!!



One thought on “Friday the 56th: November 6th

  1. This book caught my attention mostly because I’m a girl who loves football and my husband’s name is Jordan so…
    After reading your review, it makes me want to read it even more!!


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