It’s Monday! What are you reading?!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying this chilly weather. I know I am, it’s perfect weather to curl up in a blanket and read a good book or in my case 11 good books! Here’s what I read this past week…

Do Donkeys Dance? Melanie Walsh

Last week I read Do Monkeys Tweet and really enjoyed it so when I say this book in the library I just had to pick it up! It was just as cute as I thought it might be. It’s about the things that different animals do and has a surprise ending. All of the pictures are fun and bright and make you giggle every once in a while. I would recommend this book for Kindergarten classes because there is only a few words on each page.

do donkeys dance

Bearsie Bear and the Surprise Sleepover Party By Bernard Waber

I’d recommend this book for anyone who loves the outdoors and animals. I picture mostly boys reading it but I can imagine a few girls loving the book too! It’s about a cold night in the woods and there’s a bear who is just too nice and let’s everyone stay in his nice warm bed until someone unexpected comes.

bearsie bear

Do You See A Mouse? By Bernard Waber

This is a cute book about a fancy hotel, where someone spotted a mouse. Now there’s no way there can be a mouse in this nice of a hotel, it’s just outrageous. They hire two men to come look but no one has seen the mouse at all. The ending is very cute and it is a very easy read. I’d recommend it for any elementary grade.

do you see a mouse

Somewhere in the Ocean By Jennifer Ward and T.J. Marsh

Another counting book. This book teaches the readers to count to ten by using different animals in the sea. I’d recommend this book for any students learning to count numbers. It would make it fun to learn and I’m sure kids would really enjoy this book. There are so many different activities that could go along with this books.

somewhere in the ocean

I Broke My Trunk! By Mo Willems

After reading a couple books last week from the Elephant and Piggie series I had to pick up the rest this week! This one is about Gerald the elephant breaking his trunk and long crazy story that goes with it. If I tell the story it will ruin the ending but I promise you you won’t expect the ending. It was well worth the read!

i broke my trunk

A Big Guy Took my Ball! By Mo Willems

This one is about a whale who took Piggie’s ball. They come to find out though that it was acutally the whale’s ball. Elephant and Piggie seem to think that big guys have all the fun but the whale thinks that little guys have all the fun. In the end they all three figure out how they can all have fun. I think there is a great story behind this book about judging people, we never know everyone’s stories and this book teaches us not to judge.

a big guy took my ball

Waiting is Not Easy! By Mo Willems

This book too has a great lesson behind it! Piggie has a surprise for Gerald but he has to wait. Now Gerald gets tired of waiting very fast and doesn’t think he could wait any longer. In the end the wait is worth the surprise. It teaches us to be patient and that it’s okay to wait for things, we don’t need everything right away. I’d recommend this book for any child having troubles with patience.

waiting is not easy

We Are in a Book! By Mo Willems

This has to be my favorite out of all the Elephant and Piggie series! It is so cute. It interacts with the reader and makes kids realize how cool and fun reading is. I can’t wait to read this book in my future classroom! I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a giggle.

we are in a book

Listen to My Trumpet! By Mo Willems

I was a drum majorette in high school so this book go my attention right away. I didn’t play the trumpet but I sat right in front of them so I know all the sounds that they can make and how loud they can get. Piggie gets a trumpet in this book and shows Gerald how he plays it but unfortunately he doesn’t make to pretty of sounds on it. I’ll leave it at that but just know the ending is not what I was expecting.

listen to my trumpet

There Is a Bird on Your Head! By Mo Willems

This books always make me laugh no matter what they are about! This one happens to be about two birds that lay a nest on Gerald’s head but Gerald doesn’t want them to be there so finally he figures out if he asks them nicely to leave they will. I won’t tell you where they to next but it made me giggle. I hope to read even more of his books in the future!

there's a bird on your head

Spud Tackett and the Angel of Doom By Robbie Branscum

This wasn’t by any means my new favorite children’s chapter book but it wasn’t a bad one. I just couldn’t really get into for some reason. It actually took me a while to read because I couldn’t focus on it the whole time I was reading. It’s about a boy named Spud who lives on his grandma’s farm and loves it until his cousin comes to live with them. They don’t really get along and it takes a while for them to understand each other since his cousin is a complete city boy. Then on top of that a new preacher comes to town and Spud doesn’t really know what to think of him. I’d recommend this for any upper level elementary student.

spud tackett


11 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?!

  1. It looks like you compiled a great list of books! I played the trumpet throughout middle and high school, so “Listen to my Trumpet” sounds appealing. Especially since it seems that Gerald and my skills appear to be somewhat similar; I was never that good. Thank you for sharing!


  2. I noticed Brittany and you read a lot of the same books! Like I told Brittany, I think the I Broke My Trunk book looks adorable, funny, and very entertaining! Looks like you had a busy week of reading!


  3. I have read one Elephant and Piggie book and I really enjoyed it! Your reviews make me want to read more of them. What is your favorite Elephant and Piggie that you have read this semester?


  4. Mo Willems’ illustrations are so simple that it’s hard to believe he’s an astounded illustrator- yet we all know his books are so hilarious and clever that he deserves it!


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