Reading Challenge Check-In

The reading goal I set for myself a few weeks ago was to read at least 10 picture books and 1 chapter book. I think so far I’ve done pretty well on that goal. Every week I’ve read at least 11 books, sometimes I have to scramble over the weekend to finish them but I make it! Of course some of the books I speed read and don’t get the full effect which I know is wrong and I’m going to try to slow down and take it all in.

I also told myself I would remember to rate every single book I read on goodreads because I was getting pretty bad at that honestly. I think I’ve managed to add every book to goodreads so far actually! I love watching my list on there get longer and longer each week it makes me feel very accomplished. Now some of the books I’ve read haven’t been on goodreads but there isn’t anything I can do about that which I understand. At least I tried to add them!

I actually do feel as if this goal I made was a good fit for me. I really enjoy all the picture books I read each week and I easily get them done within a reasonable amount of time. The one chapter book is the one that I struggle with. I just need to learn to pace myself when reading one each week and not wait until the last minute. I don’t want to get rid of the chapter book because in the end I do enjoy them and I like a little change in my weeks and this simple change seems to work for me. I know a couple weeks I cut very close to not reaching the four hours of reading mark but I think that is because of the chapter book I picked out. I think I figured out the right size of chapter book I need to pick up though.

I’m not going to change my goal I want to finish with it for the rest of the semester. I’m excited to read many more books and watch my goodreads list get longer and longer.

Have a great rest of the week! Good luck with your challenge!


13 thoughts on “Reading Challenge Check-In

  1. I LOVE Goodreads too! I’ve used it for a number of years, yet my list is growing like crazy this semester.
    Did you know you can “Create a Book” if you do not find it? I’m not sure if you are using the scanning part of the app or if you are surfing via the web. But, try using the website’s search feature. It will often include a different edition of the same book. If your book is not found, at the top of the search results page you can choose “Add A Book”. They have guidelines and whatnot. But if a search of title, author, ISBN, UPC/Bar Code, doesn’t work, you can at least get that book on your list.
    Hope that helps!


  2. This seems like a great challenge! I like that you read both picture and chapter books! I know what you mean about reading quickly and not really comprehending what you are reading! I need to work on that as well. Does reading 11 books usually take you about 4 hours?


  3. I’ve found Goodreads to be quite the fun little website too. I love seeing how many books I’ve read, and the daunting list of how many books I want to read! Weekends seems to be my scramble time to read too, I wish there was more time on weekdays!


  4. That’s awesome your doing so well with your reading challenges. I find my upcoming book selections using the Goodreads application on my phone; I love the app. Thank you for sharing and best of luck to you!


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