Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all had a great week and are enjoying our long weekend!! I know I’m using it to my advantage. Anyways this past week I read 10 picture books and 1 chapter book to fulfill my four hours of reading for the week.

Just In Case by Yuyi Morales

When I picked up this book I saw the skeleton on the cover and thought it’ll get me in the Halloween mood since Halloween is right around the corner. It didn’t really get me in the Halloween spirit but it was a great book filled with colors and great pictures! The book is about a skeleton named Senor Calavera who was on his way to Grandma Beetle’s birthday party. During his ride over there he bumped into a ghost named Zelmiro who pointed out to Senor Calavera that he did not have a gift. He tried coming up with the perfect gift while Zelmiro was playing a trick on him and making him late, but eventually he made it to the party with the best gift ever. I would recommend this book to anyone in school, it was entertaining and funny and taught a few Spanish words here and there.

just in case

E-MERGENCY! By Tom Lichtenheld

This was a cute book about the alphabet letters as if they were alive. They all live in a house together and one day E gets hurt so they have to replace all the Es with Os. Now you can see how this would get confusing and eventually they realize E is alright and can take its place back in the family. This book would be great to read while learning the alphabet! It’s fun and would make all the students laugh!


Chicka Chicka 1 2 3 By Bill Martin Jr, Michael Sampson, and Lois Ehlert

Chicka Chicka 1 2 3 teaches the readers how to count up and eventually how to count down. It’s fun and could be used in a teaching lesson in so many different activities. I remember in my school we actually had a stuffed Chicka tree that we used to practice counting and to practice the alphabet with. I’m sure most of you had read one of the Chicka books but reading them again never hurt!

chicka chicka 123

Down Dairy Farm Road By C.L.G. Martin

This is rather a long picture book with a couple paragraphs on each page. Junie Mae lives with her grandfather on the farm and really wants a perm to match all the rich girls in school unfortunately they can’t afford that. Junie comes upon a deal where she can sell kittens to raise enough money to afford the perm. In the end she knows that’s not the right thing to do and gives the kittens away to people who will truly love them. This is a great story about a girl learning to appreciate what she has and would work as a great lesson to little children.

down dairy farm road

Little Dog Lost By Inga Moore

I would recommend this book to any child who just moved to a different, house, town, or state. This family moved to the country and the girl can’t seem to make friends at all. Then one day her dog goes missing and she’s forced to go and talk to the other kids to see if they know where Pip, her dog, is. They spend all day searching and finally the book has a happy ending. It would be a great book for a child struggling with making friends in a new town or school. Most the time they feel completely alone and maybe this book would help them realize that they are never alone.

little dog lost

How To Be A Cat By Nikki McClure

This was a simple quick book about all the things cats do such as pounce, hunt, and stretch. It would be very easy for Kindergarteners to read because it only has one word on each page. The pictures are only in black and white with a pop of blue every once in a while. I’d recommend this book for anyone who loves cats!

how to be a cat

Boats for Bedtime By Olga Litowinsky

I picture this book becoming the favorite of many little boys. The whole book is a list of all the different kinds of boats and pictures of them. Now I’m not saying this book is only for boys I know several girls would love it to. It’s bright and colorful and easy to read making it perfect for children just learning to read and teachers could use it as a book to get them confident in their reading.

boats for bedtime

I’d Rather have an Iguana By Heidi Stetson Mario

A new baby is brought home to join the family and the older daughter does not take to him very well. She gets jealous and envies him, saying she’d rather have an iguana than a new baby brother. In the end it all works out and she finds out that the baby likes iguanas too! This book is perfect for a family that is having the same situation of the older child not wanting a new baby. It could be a good lesson and example to children letting them know babies aren’t that bad, they’re actually pretty cool.

id rather have an iguana

How Big is a Foot? Rolf Myller

This book is a great book for early elementary students. It’s about a king who wants to get the queen the perfect birthday present so he decides to get her a bed. The apprentice is the one who ends up making the bed but there’s a problem…he doesn’t know what size. The king then measures the queen using his feet and tells the apprentice she is 6 feet by 3 feet. The apprentice makes the bed but it ends up being way to small because he used his own feet as measurements not the kings. I thought this book was very very cute! It is funny and fun I’d recommend it for anyone!

how big is a foot

Ling & Ting Not Exactly the Same! By Grace Lin

This book turned out to be a short chapter book about two twin girls. They always look the same and no one can tell them apart until one day they get haircuts and one of them sneezes so they end up getting looking a little different. The rest of the chapters just tell us stories of their daily lives and the funny things that happen to them. It’s a great book for upper elementary students just starting to read chapter books.

ling and ting not the same

Morgy Makes His Move By Maggie Lewis

I really enjoyed reading this book! I actually plan on reading the sequel for next weeks reading. It was a cute story about a boy named Morgy who moved towns and schools. He has troubles figuring things out at this new school, but after a few mix ups he gets the hang of the new town. It is a great read for kids getting into chapter books at first, it still has a few pictures here and there and it’s really easy to read. I would recommend it to any child looking for a fun book to get into!

morgy makes his move



  1. You found some really amazing books!
    I have already put “How Big Is A Foot?”, “I’d Rather Have An Iguana”, and “E-Mergency” on my to be read list.
    How did you find these?


  2. You picked some really good books. I love the Chicka books my some favorite for along time was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. He used to love that book. At the beginning of the year my kindergarten class makes a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree. The number one is good too. Great books


  3. I read How to be a Cat last week too! I LOVE cats. No I don’t dress up my cats and push them around in strollers, but I do talk to them like they are my children and I have attempted to take them on leashed walks, SO I guess you could say I am somewhat of a crazy cat lady… Regardless, people always think that cats are very sophisticated and complex creatures, but as this book shows us, being a cat is pretty simple (:


  4. I absolutely LOVED Chicka Chicka growing up! The way the words flow together in that book are very entertaining as a child! I think you chose some very cute children books that I want to look into!


  5. Lots of fun books here! I will have to look for How to Be a Cat. I love simple books like that with the abstract illustrations. These are great for kids with visual impairments and sensory issues, as well. Thanks for the recommendation!


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