Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all had a fantastic week of reading and are reading for anther! For my readings this week I read a total of 12 books. (1 more than my goal!) I read 10 picture books and two short children’s chapter books.

10 Picture books:

Harold’s Trip to the Sky By Crockett Johnson

This is a book most kids read in school and there’s no doubt in my mind why. It’s a great story about a little boy, named Harold, who takes adventures drawing with his purple marker everywhere he goes. In this story he takes a rocket up to the sky to see the stars, moon, and even a scary creature, but no worries Harold is smart enough to escape and trap the creature on the moon.

The book teaches kids to use their imaginations. Too often in our societies today we teach kids to stop daydreaming and use their imaginations. Personally I think this is worst thing a teacher could do to a student. Imaginations are wonderful things, they make us think and be creative. As a future teacher I plan to keep imaginations in my classroom, teaching students how to use them in a proper way and at the same time letting them have fun. Harold is a perfect example to use in the classroom.

harolds trip to the sky

When We Went to the Park By Shirley Hughes

When We Went to the Park, is about a little girl hanging out with her grandpa counting different things at the park. It’s very short and sweet and a good book for preschoolers but anything over that, it might be considered too easy. It’s perfect for young children learning to count to ten but it may be boring for those who already know. It has great illustrations and it’s very easy to understand but other than that it’s a pretty simple book.

we went to the park

On Monday When It Rained By Cherryl Kachenmeister

Cherryl is actually a teacher at an alternative school and wrote this book along with her husband as the photographer to teach students the emotions that people go through. Each page as an example of a situation and how it made a boy feel then on the next page there is a picture of how the motion physically looks. I think this book would be perfect for a Kindergarten classroom because most young students don’t know what emotions are. They know they have them but some don’t know how to describe them and label them. This book may help them understand better.

on monday when it rained

Christmas Lullaby By Nancy Jewell

I know what you’re thinking…It’s not even Halloween yet and I’m already reading Christmas books but I can’t help myself, Christmas time is my favorite time of the year!! I’m one of those people who sit and read Christmas books and watch Hallmark movies through the whole month of December so it’s normal for me to start books like these during October.

The title pretty much explains the whole book, each page a new sentence to a lullaby rhyming to the previous sentence. My plan for my future classroom is to read a Christmas book every day throughout the month of December. I know I’ll have to be careful what I pick due to religious standpoints but Christmas is a fun time of year and reading about it makes it so much more exciting. I would recommend the book as a great bedtime book during the holiday season.

christmas lullaby

Take Me Out to The Yakyu By Aaron Meshon

In case you didn’t know Yakyu is Japanese for baseball which should help explain the book. Basically this story compares American baseball related words to Japanese baseball related words. A little boy tells us about his experiences at baseball games in both Japan and America using the different languages to help us understand a few words in each. It’s great for students who have an interest in different languages.

take me out to the yakyu

The Journey Home By Alison Lester

Again another book giving an example of how important imagination is. The two characters, Wild and Woolly, are digging in their sandbox one day and discover a passage to a magical land. Through the passage they visit a fairy, mermaid, pirate, and many more fun imaginative creatures until finally they come to their warm beds. When I was little I use to daydream about taking adventures like this and wished that I really could do this. The thing that stood out most in the book was all the colors on each page, I think the best children’s books are the one with a million colors everywhere and this one had a million and one colors on it. An imagination can take you anywhere you want to go and it won’t even cost you a dime!

the journey home

Three Cheers for Tacky By Helen Lester

Who doesn’t love books about penguins?! They’re such fun, cute creatures you can’t help but love ‘em. This penguin book in particular is about  6 penguins, 5 being absolutely perfect and the last one, Tacky, being clumsy and silly. They all enter a cheering contest as a team and worry about Tacky messing it up. I won’t spoil the ending for you but I’m sure you can guess how it ends. I loved this book it was fun and taught how it’s okay to different sometimes being different can be the best thing!

three cheers for tacky

Why the Chicken Crossed the Road By David Macaulay

Everyone knows the joke about the chicken crossing the road and everyone knows there’s not really an answer and this book gives an answer but an answer that is pretty far-fetched. This is a fun book that I guarantee will make kids giggle while reading it. I didn’t really expect the book to give an actual answer, that wouldn’t be any fun, but I also didn’t expect it to go as far out as it did. I would recommend this book for children Kindergarten and up because of the entertainment it provides.

 why the chicken crossed the road

Celeste Sails to Spain By Alison Lester

I wasn’t too fond of this book to be honest. I really didn’t see a point in the story at all. On each page it describes different things kids do at different events such as sports days and museum tours. I think if a child read it they might get very confused at all the jumping around the book does. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the book to anyone in particular but I wouldn’t try to discourage anyone from reading it.

celeste sails to spain

The Pirate of Kindergarten By George Ella Lyon

This book won the Schneider Family Book Award and after reading it I can see why. This is an adorable book about a little girl with double vision. She thinks it’s normal to see two of everything until one day a nurse says most people only see 1. After a visit to the eye doctor she feels much better and no longer worries about the simple things like cutting out a bunny without cutting one ear off. I would recommend this book to anyone because of the simple language it uses and all the fun colors.

the pirate of kindergarten

2 chapter books:

Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride By Kate DiCamillo

This is an adorable chapter book perfect for kids who love funny books. I can imagine now all the giggles coming from the kids who read this book. It’s about a pig named Mercy who really wants to drive her families convertible. Now of course pigs cannot drive so they always convince her not to by using food as a reward for moving over to the passenger seat. One day she does get away with driving but it ends up to be a terrible disaster but no worries food can fix anything right?! I’m hoping to read the other books in the series because this one was well worth the read.

mercy watson goes for a ride

Bink and Gollie: Two for One by Kate DiCamillo

I read a Bink and Gollie book a few weeks back and really enjoyed it so I thought I’d take a stab at a longer Bink and Gollie book this week. This story happened to be about Bink and Gollie going to the state fair and trying out all the fun activities such as fortune tellers, boardwalk games, and a talent show. This book is fun and easy to read which any student could understand. I loved both characters they remind me of me and my best friend and all the silly things we use to do together. I would recommend this book without a doubt!

bink and gollie two for one



  1. I really appreciated your thoughts on “Harold’s Trip to the Sky.” I completely agree with what you said about some teachers suppressing children’s imaginations -not all educators, but some I think get so caught up in common core and standards and what-have-you that they forget what an important tool the imagination is. And it’s a tool that must be sharpened and used often in order to keep our creativity.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved the Bink and Gollie books, too! Isn’t the vocabulary she uses just absolutely fabulous? I was really impressed and thought it was such an excellent way to expose kids to colorful language! Mercy Watson sounds really funny, too! I am working on reading some more of Kate DiCamillo’s books this week–I am so impressed by all of her work so far…she has quite the range!


  3. “Why the Chicken Crossed the Road” looks like an excellent selection for a children’s book. Now I need to read the book to see the response that the author provided! I’ll definitely have to check this one out!


  4. Harold and Tacky are my favorite characters. Have you read all of the other Harold books? I also think that there are more books about Tacky.


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