I searched my kindle again for another great book and honestly I had a hard time picking!! But finally I settled on Soul Mates: Understanding Relationships Across Time by Richard Webster. I wouldn’t necessarily say this is my favorite book of all time but I really did like this book. I read it for a school project last year and learned so much from it about relationships.

Here’s a little preview:

“You love yourself by being kind to yourself, by nurturing yourself, by liking yourself, by forgiving yourself. You need to accept yourself as you are now, and allow yourself to become your own best friend.”

This book has GREAT advice and although I did not agree with some of the points, opinions, and suggestions brought up I still would recommend it. It brings up interesting topics and teaches the reader things that might become very helpful in trying to better a relationship with someone.

soulmates 2

P.S. I got a techy guy to fix my picture problem!!


2 thoughts on “THE FRIDAY 56: OCTOBER 9TH

  1. What did you not agree with in the book? I think books like this are very interesting because it gives advise that many people struggling need. I like books that are about the real world and are written to help others. With this book, people who are not in need of the advise might not find it as helpful but can still pick things out that they could do to make a difference. I really enjoyed that quote from the books though. I might have to look into the book to find out more!


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