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This week I read 15 picture books that are suitable for kindergarteners and I read a chapter book. This kept me pretty busy for the week. I couldn’t find all of these books on goodreads though….but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth reading!

To the Tub by Peggy Perry Anderson

This was a cute short book about a frog family. The dad was trying to get the son frog into a bath, dragging him away from this dirty fun. Along the way the son kept picking up toy after toy to bring with him into the bath until finally they made it to the bath….mud bath that is. It’s a perfect book for kindergarten age students because it has simple short words and is very easy to understand. The illustrations are done with a lot of color. The book would be very relatable to young students because let’s face it what kindergartener likes taking baths?!

The Trouble with Henriette By Wende and Harry Devlin

Another animal book…Imagine that! Henriette is a truffles hound lost her sense of smell. Her owner wants to trade her in but his granddaughter is certain she just has hay fever from sleeping the barn instead of in the granddaughter’ room. The grandfather will never listen until finally one day away from the barn Henriette sniffs out truffles far away and in an unsuspected place. It was rather a little wordy for a picture book but I can see all the young students laughing and having fun with this book already. I would recommend this book for any early elementary teachers to read to their students!

A Moose is Not a Mouse By Harold Berson

Victor, the main mouse in this book, gets confused on what a moose is. He assumes that he can become a moose so decides to take on the cat on the roof. As we all know this situation doesn’t really work out in the mouse’s favor but Victor does escape. The reader that would most enjoy this book would be a young student who loves animals. I would imagine any person would like this adorable little mouse and his brave personality.

The Moon Over Star by Dianna Hutts Aston

This book won the Corette Scott King Award and reading it, there’s no question as to why. It was a very VERY good read, about a young boy’s life during the time we landed on the moon. However I don’t think it would be good for a kindergarten class because of all the information it provided. It stated a lot of names and information prior to the moon landing which the students wouldn’t understand. It’s perfect for older elementary students especially if they are learning about space. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for a great informational picture book.

Flat Stanley By Jeff Brown

I remember reading Flat Stanley in school and making my own Flat Stanley to send off and eventually come back to me. That was the coolest project we ever did in grade school if you ask me. The book is about a boy waking up one morning flat, due to a poster board dropping on him. Stanley takes this to his advantage and sneaks under doors, goes to see relatives in faraway states, and even fights crime. You could do so many different activities with this book and the students would have so much fun. I think the best way to get kids into reading is to have fun things that go along with the books such as dress up days and crafts. Anything that gets the kids excited about books has got to be worth it.

Five Little Kittens By Nancy Jewell

This short simple book is about five kittens and their family. It’s a perfect book for young elementary students just learning to read because of all the short repeating words. It would be quick cute book to read to the class and they’d still understand it. I loved how the book taught the importance of family and how loving a family can be.

Little Red Riding Hood By John S. Goodall

Who doesn’t like a picture book with no words every once in a while?! Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood but this version of it has a twist to it. First there is no words, there’s only pictures on each page telling the story through animation. Second Little Red Riding Hood is actually a mouse instead of a human. Third there’s little pages in between each page. It’s a fun book that I can picture any young student reading and liking.

Puss In Boots By John S. Goodall

This is another John S. Goodall book with only animations. The short story is explained in words at the beginning at the book if anyone would want to read it. Puss In Boots is about a cunning cat who seems like he does tricky things for bad but actually he does them for a good deed. It’s a cute book, if you like Puss in Boots in the movies Shrek I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book!

I Have a Pet! By Shari Halpern

I Have a Pet is the story of 5 students and each of their pets. The students bring their pets to school explaining what their job is and why they like their school. I can see so many different ideas on how to incorporate this book into the classroom. There is multiple hands on activities we could do in class to get the kids excited about the book and reading. I definitely plan to incorporate this book into my future class.

Rocket Writes a Story By Tad Hills

I really enjoyed this book because it was about reading, writing, and learning new words. The main character was named Rocket, the dog, he had a teacher who was a yellow bird and taught him new words and encouraged him to find new words on his own. One day he meets an owl who becomes his inspiration and he begins to write a story about her. This is a cute story with a lesson on how fun learning can be and being brave when it comes to making new friends. I would recommend it for any classroom teacher in any grade!

Wanna Buy an Alien? By Eve Bunting

Wanna Buy an Alien is a great chapter book for young readers. It’s short and sweet and fun to read, what’s better? The three main characters are Jase, Ben, and Paloma who happen to be best friends. It’s Ben’s birthday and Jase got him a present they all three won’t forget.

Jase paid forty dollars to basically freak Ben out but he also ended up freaking out Paloma and himself. The present included 2 rocks shaped like triangles, several pictures of Ben with an alien named Iku hanging out on a spaceship, and a tape recording of Ben talking to Iku. At first this seems like the best practical joke ever….until it becomes all too real.

I thought this book was wonderful and very easy t read. I would recommend it to anyone trying to get kid’s into reading, this book is very very entertaining! It’s very easy to get into and the descriptions make you picture yourself in the book.

For some reason I cannot get most of my pictures to upload. Anyone else having this problem?!



  1. The teacher I work with (kindergarten) loves reading Flat Stanley to the class! I had not ever read it until she read it aloud last year, but I think it is great for this level! She did not do any crafts with her kiddos, but that sounds like it would be a great idea! I’ll have to mention it to her… 🙂


  2. You have compiled a great list of book here! I especially want to read “A Moose is not a Mouse”; it sounds hilarious! I have read “Rocket Writes a Story”, and loved it. That would be a great addition to any classroom library. Great job…


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