Sophie and Carter by Chelsea Fine

This book is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES!! I can’t even count how many times I’ve read this book.It is a short book only with 119 pages so I read it very quickly but I still just adore it. The main characters are Sophie and her next door neighbor Carter. Both Sophie and Carter have very bad home life situations, which as made them grow up faster than a child should. They deal with terrible, frustrating stuff each day, but the little things they do for each other like Sophie brewing coffee every morning for Carter because a coffee pot isn’t safe at his house and Carter helping Sophie’s younger brother with homework make things worth it in the end.

I am a sucker for romance novels and this one I’d give five stars! To give a little preview of the book I picked the best couple sentences from the 56th page…. (This is from Carter’s point of view)

“Sophie’s hand feels good in mine. She doesn’t pull away and that’s more than I deserve. We sit for a while, holding hands, rocking on the swing like an old married couple. It doesn’t bother me. It makes me happy.”

I hope this peeks some of your interests because I really can’t compliment this book and Chelsea Fine enough! I guarantee I will be reading this book many many more times.


5 thoughts on “THE FRIDAY 56: OCTOBER 2ND

  1. It sounds like this book should be made into a movie! I thank you for posting a glimpse of the book because it made me want to read it even more!


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