Setting challenges for myself have never been my strong suit. I’m actually pretty bad at setting goals and making plans and schedules to stay on top of them and finish them. But I am determined to follow through with this challenge. One because I love reading and I think I might enjoy it more than other challenges and two because it will eventually help my dream career of teaching.

I’ve decided to start myself off at a decent pace to begin with. Every week I will…..

  1. Read at least 10 picture books, preferably suitable for Kindergarten students
  2. Read at least 1 children’s chapter book
  3. Remember to add them to Goodreads if they are on the site (been getting pretty bad at that lately)
  4. Try as hard as I can to get in four hours of reading a week, even if it means reading more than 11 books

I’ve decided to do this challenge because I’d like to be Kindergarten teacher and I plan to start a list of books to bring into my future classroom so that’s the reason I want to read 10 picture books. The reason I want to read one chapter book a week is because I really enjoy reading them, I know Kindergartners wont be able to read them but I just want to read them for me.

I look forward to developing a long list of my favorite books to share with my future students. I feel as if the more I get involved into the books the students will get more into the books as well. I want my classroom to be fun and want the kids to get excited when they hear I’m their teacher and if showing my excitement to books I read during school will help then I will do it!

The hardest part about this challenge for me is to remember to put them on Goodreads. I know that seems like a simple thing to do but I tend to forge the little things most. I plan on achieving my goals by writing out in my planner when to read what books each day and when to write about them.

I know if I keep on task and not procrastinate then this challenge will easily be accomplished! I wish you all the best with your own challenges! Happy reading!!


11 thoughts on “CHALLENGES…

  1. I really like your idea about beginning to compile a list of books for your future classroom library! With all of the books we are reading, we have a fantastic opportunity to do just that. I also think that you chose a list of very achievable goals. In fact, a few of the goals that you listed, I have for myself as well. My biggest concern was setting goals that I believe I could achieve; and I think you did that as well. Keep up the great work!

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  2. I think you have very good goals! I like how you plan to read both shorter picture books and children’s chapter books, good to mix it up and have some variety. I also forget to log my books on Goodreads sometimes!


  3. This sounds like a great reading plan. Good Reads is a pretty cool tool, I use it when I go to the library, because I can never remember what books I want to read next! Teaching Kindergarten will give you so many opportunities to introduce fantastic books to children! Have you read “Ish” by Peter Reynolds?


  4. Great goals! And many chapter books that you might read for this class are books you could read aloud to your students. Check out Kate DiCamillo’s Mercy Watson series, Beverly Cleary’s Ramona series, Abby Hanlon’s Dory Fantasmagory, Shannon Hale’s Princess in Black.


  5. You have a wonderful list of goals. I think it is a great idea to incorporate your reading goals into your future classroom book shelves. Your students will truly appreciate all the books you have to offer them.


  6. It was such a relief to read your posts and everyones comments about forgetting to use Goodreads! I’m not the only one! Yes! It is such an easy tool to use, but once we get on a roll either reading or searching for books in the library we tend to forget to use it… I really like the idea of making it a point to read both picture books and a chapter book each week. One or the other tends to monopolize my reading and I think it would be nice to break it up -even if it took two weeks to read one chapter book at least there would be variety.


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