I’m not much of biography reader, I actually try to stay away from it as much as I can. Freshmen year of high school I read one biography and surprisingly enough I really enjoyed it so naturally I decided to read it again. A sentence on the 56 page goes like this…

“My anger would build up inside and, while I wouldn’t say anything about it to anyone, I would use that anger as motivation, especially at the pool.”

If you didn’t guess by that short little clue its Michael Phelps biography called No Limits. Now I’m not much of a Michael Phelps fan, I’m more of a Peter Vanderkaay kind of girl but I related to this book so much it was crazy! I’ve been a competitive swimmer for over ten years and now I’ve actually graduated to coach. That sentence describes my plan of action to a T for a swim meet. The book tells his whole life story and yes some parts are painfully sad but he gives great advice to use in any sport not just swimming.

This book is so inspirational and expiring I would recommend it to anyone looking for a little positive reading not only to swimmers.



5 thoughts on “THE FRIDAY 56: SEPTEMBER 25TH

  1. Sounds like a great book! I remember when Phelps dominated at the 2008 Olympics, winning 8 gold medals. I think that it would be very interesting to learn a little about Phelps’ life, including his training.


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