I’m Nuts Because I LOVE Reading!!

I just finished watching Mr. Sharp’s first day of school video and I have to say I’m even more excited now to bring reading into my own future classroom! I LOVED how he said “When your parents ask how was your first day of school, I want you to reply: Mr. Sharp is nuts! He’s nuts because he loves reading.” I don’t think any parent would complain about that sentence right there. There’s not many kids at that age that absolutely love reading and get excited every time they pick up a book, but I have a feeling Mr. Sharp in just that four minutes of his talk when he was screaming and jumping on tables, changed a couple kids minds and helped them decide to give books a try.

I can’t even imagine what his students are thinking. Some are probably terrified, others might think he’s classroom is heaven, and some just think it’s hilarious. You can tell from the video and all the giggling going on they seem to think it’s funny and I’m sure they’re already pumped up for his class because of all the energy his letting off. If I was his student I would probably love that because teachers who show their fun and exciting side the very first day to the extinct he did, you know are going to be fun the rest of the year.

When I become a teacher I don’t see myself jumping on tables and screaming about reading quite as much as he did but I will probably rant about reading more than the kids want on the first day! I loved these videos and seeing how much Mr. Sharp’s students got so excited about reading in only a few months. I hope to one day have the same effect in the classroom as he does.


6 thoughts on “I’m Nuts Because I LOVE Reading!!

  1. Wasn’t Mr. Sharp awesome! I really liked his mentality towards reading and his excitement is extremely contagious! I found myself laughing at his actions however feeling excited to read as well. I’d be so thankful if I could showcase my encouragement towards my students to half of his intensity. Watching the excitement on the children’s faces was extremely uplifting and encouraging as well. I can’t imagine being a student and having my teacher do that on the first day of school; although I kind of want to give it a try in my future classroom.


  2. Isn’t he amazing? As I sat watching the video, my husband came out of the other room and asked, “is everything okay?” How do we explain to non-teachers the connection that happens when you do something goofy, silly, or crazy just because you want to make a connection? I think that is just what Mr. Sharp did in those 4 minutes. He made a connection – with his students and with us!
    I’m probably not a desk jumper. What other things can we do to share our LOVE of reading with our students? Do you have any ideas?


  3. I really enjoy listening to the responses of his students too. I imagine there’s a range of responses and some surely think he’s crazy, but you know not a single one of them was bored or forgot their first day!


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