If you need a book about friendship and the true meaning of the word, boy do I know the book for you!! The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate turned into one of my many favorite books. I loved how it portrayed friends who would do anything to protect one another. The theme of the book was pretty much how friends stick up for one another.  Friends are basically family and this book perfectly showed us that. I believe kids need to learn starting at a young age the importance of friends and family. Books like The One and Only Ivan can help explain that so much more than we know.

I can’t see any reason to argue that this book shouldn’t have won the Newbery Award. All of the elements in the book worked well with the story line and setting. I bought it on my Kindle so I didn’t get to see all the pictures in color but just from the text itself I felt it was deserving of the award.

Like I said early the theme was perfect for the kids but also the sentence structure was easy to understand at all times even for kids just starting to read. The plot was complex yet simple enough for the young readers to get into it and develop some emotions and opinions about the story line. Personally I adored Stella, the elephant, I should admit elephants are my favorite animals but I loved how you could tell she cared for all of her friends equally and acted as their protective and comforting mother.

The One and Only Ivan provided me with so many emotions I can’t even remember them all. With that being said I can’t imagine all the emotions little children get while reading or being read this book, they after all develop an attachment to almost everything they see day to day. This book was an awesome read and it would be great for any reader young, or old!!



  1. I loved this book! There were so many emotions that went with reading it even though it was a very simply written book. Ella was one of my favorites and it was so sad when she died. I loved how Ivan was so simple minded but cared for all of his friends and did what he could to help them. Do you think you will use this book in the classroom?


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