This week I decided I was just going to grab a book of the shelf in the library and read the 56th page to see what happens. I thought I’d find it super interesting and it might become my new favorite book!! The exact opposite happened… The page wasn’t dull at all it just didn’t excite me at all but who knows I may end up reading it anyway!

So here it is…a sentence from the 56th page of Keeper By Kathi Appelt

“The splitting of wood sounded like a firecracker. And at that very moment, in that exact second, at the precise instant that the bowl hit the floor, Signe walked in, and just like that, Keeper felt the heat in the room skyrocket.”

From what I gathered Signe is Keeper’s friend and that bowl she dropped meant a whole lot to Signe so I’m predicting some trouble in the future. It’s not boring by any means all the words she uses sure makes you want to know what happens next but it just doesn’t seem like my cup of tea.


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