My schedule right now is surprising mellow so it makes it really easy to find time to read. Plus reading for this class is my favorite time of the day so I always make time for it! It relaxes me and gives me a break from all my other homework and classes which are not nearly as fun as this one. I’d much rather spend my time in the children’s section upstairs in the library than front row in my history class, but that’s just me.

Mondays and Wednesdays are my mellow days so I tend to do most my reading on those days, spending most the day in between the book shelves picking out books that intrigue me. During the rest of the week I find time to read here and there whenever I have some free time. I still read other books too, ones not assigned for this class whenever I find time.

In four hours I’m able to read about 15 picture books and 1 medium sized chapter book. That sometimes changes though depending how much I get into the book. If I’m invested in it and can’t put it down then I could read so much more but if I’m reading the book just to be reading then it takes me a while to actually focus down and understand what I’m reading and in turn longer to finish the book.

I feel pretty good about the time I spend reading to be honest. I read enough to complete the assignment given plus some extra books for fun, I still have time for other homework, and time to socialize too. I could improve more on my blogs but I have a feeling that might take a while. I am getting better at figuring out everything available to do on here but I still need some work. I really am enjoying all this reading and blogging! I can’t wait to see what’s in store next.


15 thoughts on “FINDING TIME TO READ

  1. Thanks for sharing your insights! I think it is wonderful that you have a few mellow days to sit between the bookshelves and pick out books. I have found our librarians here to be SO amazing and helpful! Make sure you utilize your librarians.

    You mentioned that during the week you read “here and there”. How long do you get to sit down and read for? Do you typically read in bigger chunks? Or do you sit and read 1 or 2 picture books?

    Also, I cannot believe that you have time to read other books! That is amazing!
    I look forward to us all reading together.


    • My mellow days are so nice I’m definitely going to miss them next semester! On other days when I only get to read here and there usually it’s just one to three picture books at a time so nothing to big but it’s still fun!


  2. I think it’s great you have plenty of time to read, and you actually enjoy reading! I think in order to get people to enjoy reading all you have to do is help them find the time to sit down and enjoy a book! This class has gotten me back into reading already and it’s only the 3rd week! Did you read a lot before this class?


  3. I agree with you on this reading being relaxing! It’s a great way to break up the monotony of the day, and have been using it as a study break too. The work for classes as fun as this one go by a lot faster too! Do you think you will continue to blog after this class?


  4. I wish my schedule was that free! I’m hoping that as the semester goes on my homework load won’t be as much as I’ve had. I have this coming weekend so hopefully I can read some then. Do you read much on weekends?


  5. That is awesome that you enjoy reading as much as you do! Not being much of a reader, having a goal is extremely beneficial for me. Before I begin to read , I set a goal of reading a certain amount of pages or reading until the next chapter. And, when I reach that goal, if I feel the need to keep going, I do! The sort of technique has allowed me the opportunity to stay current with our class reading regimens. Keep up the great work!


  6. I am so jealous!! Dr. Ellington’s classes have always been my favorite because at least two-thirds of the work is always just reading and I love reading. I also love that we have so much freedom in what we read so we could read hours of Children’s books with only cats in them if we wanted to. This is my last semester or so I chose to make it my last semester ( I really want to graduate early!), so I crammed a lot of credits into this semester and I am finding it difficult for me to find time to read, go to class, do other assignments, work, go to the gym and still eat and sleep sometimes. Definitely cherish all of the time that you have (:


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