It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?!

I want to test every book out to see which ones I enjoy the most, this week’s assignment is perfect for that! This week I spent well over four hours reading even though it felt a lot less than that. I just got so into the readings and remembering back to when I read books like these that time just flew by!

I Spy Fly Guy By Tedd Arnold

This short little chapter book would be perfect for children just starting to read “long” books. Little boys who like getting dirty and playing rough would be the ones who must enjoy the three chapters about a boy and best friend who happens to be a fly.  The reason I chose this book was so I could get a better understanding of small chapter books for kids in the higher elementary grades. I liked how all the chapters related back to each other, some other books don’t relate at all which I think would just confuse the reader a little more than they already are.

i spy fly guy

What’s Inside? By Duanne Daughtry

I found this picture book to be very interesting. All it contained was black and white photos of different objects, such as a purse, and the objects inside them. There were absolutely no words written on any of the pages, just pictures showing what Duanne was trying to get across. Due to the no color in the book and actual photos not illustrations it was a little boring for a children’s picture book. I did like the idea he had but I just don’t think it would work for exciting a child about reading. Ironically I couldn’t find one photo of the cover hence the picture below.

whats inside

Not so Rotten Ralph By Jack Gantos

To sum this book up, a little girl named Sarah decided to send her cat, Ralph, to obedience school because she’s tired of putting up with all his mistakes and his trouble. After Ralph gets back she’s not sure if she actually likes how he acts now so they have to fix it somehow. I thought this book was very cute and anyone who adores cats would enjoy this read. The pictures were bright and colorful making it more interesting to read, therefore maybe improving someone’s thoughts about reading as a whole because when it comes down to it, one book can make or break someone’s thoughts on reading.

not so rotten ralph

 Rabbit & Robot The Sleepover By Cece Bell

I’m beginning to really like these short chapter books. They still have pictures but not too many that it takes away from the actual content of the words and they have just enough words in order to improve children’s reading abilities. This book was about a rabbit and a robot who are best friends and have a sleepover one night. They both learn to compromise and still have fun with all the activities they do. I think it’s a great lesson for kids who only want things their way, just like Rabbit but it will teach them that not everything has to go their way.

rabbit and robot

Play With Me By Marie Hall Ets

If you hadn’t noticed yet I seem to be drawn to the books about animals. I am and always have been an animal lover so the books that include animals in them are my favorite to read because they share a common interest I have. This book teaches patience to children by giving them a close up on what patience can do for us. The little girl in Play With Me wants all these different animals from the forest to come play with her but she scares them all off. Eventually she learns she needs to be quiet and patience which lets face it we all probably need to work on those two things.

play with me

 We Have A Baby By Cathryn Falwell

This is a very simple book about a family teaching their first child basically all the senses and jobs to do for baby. It’s very easy to understand and comprehend even for little children just starting to read. It would be a great starting book for children to get them interested in reading and make them feel like it isn’t so hard after all. The thing that stood out to me the most was how large the text was, it was be incredibly easy to see and to read. Cathryn did a great job of keeping it simple yet informational.

we have a baby

A Splendid Friend, Indeed By Suzanne Bloom

In this short little book, Suzanne managed to write about loving writing AND reading. Anything big or even small like that will influence a child one way or another on their feelings toward reading and the short couple pages that played up reading would help towards the positive side of it. The main idea of this book was about a duck and a polar bear having the same interests and becoming friends. It was very simple and straight to the point which I liked because that means it wouldn’t confuse anyone at all.

a splendid friend

Bailey By Harry Bliss

No one can go wrong with writing an animal’s life as if he were a person I’d say. That’s exactly what Harry Bliss does in this book. He writes in third person about a dog named Bailey and his daily routine at school as if he was a real student. I thought the book was very cute and even made me chuckle a few times here and there. I liked pretty much everything about this book, in fact I couldn’t think of anything I’d do differently for it. It was just that good.


Bink & Gollie By Kate Dicamillo and Alison McGhee

 This is a rather long short chapter book about two best friends and a few of their different adventures such as buying new sock, getting a pet fish, and always craving pancakes. It does use a few pretty big words on some of the pages which kind of surprised me but I guess kids have to get use to long words sometime or another. I liked how only the main characters were in color and the rest was in black and white. I’ve read a few other books like that and I still think it’s a great idea.

bink and gollie

Where Are You, Little Zack? By Judith Ross Enderle and Stephanie Gordon Tessler

Again another book about animals. This one is about 4 ducks who travel to a city and realize that one is lost so they go all over meeting new people and seeing new things, making sure to bring everyone they meet along to look. It’s also a little counting lesson because it does show numbers on each page, not many but just enough for the reader to understand a learn a little. I did not like how it skipped from 7 to 80,000 though at the end. That’s a lot for a child just starting math and reading to comprehend and I don’t think it would help them out at all.

where are you little zack

 Tim Tomkins Circus Boy By Rose Friedman

The title itself is pretty explainable towards the whole book. It’s just about a young boy named Tim Tomkins who wants to become a circus boy. He walks around every booth seeing if he could become one of them, thinking hard what it would take. It’s a very easy read but does however have a lot of text on every other page. This I feel might be overwhelming for some children just beginning to read because the text completely covers the pages, top to bottom. The best reader for this book would be someone who wants to challenge themselves to read longer books. Just a warning it cannot be found on goodreads.

tim tomkins circus boy

Dunderheads Behind Bars By Paul Flieschman

Goodreads doesn’t recognize this book either but I still thought it was a very good story. It’s about a group of trouble makers who all have a specific talents they use for bad but for a good cause, if that makes any sense. Every once in a while I would get confused at what they say, stating something but giving us no information about it other than that one short sentence. It’s a great read though, it is however a little on the longer side for a children’s book but I think anyone could get into it. Something that stood out to me was how modern it was. When I think of children’s books I think of older books with pages torn and pictures from the 90s, don’t ask me why but that just pops into my head.

dunderheads behind bars

The Turtle and the Dove By Don Freeman

Four out of five stars is the rating I gave this book because of its simplicity and kindness. A turtle and dove meet one night and become friends but are separated and have to learn to continue on. It does end in a very happy way and I would suggest this book to anyone because I don’t think any one kind of reader would enjoy it more than the other. It had just the right amount of text and pictures on each page for the reader to understand everything and still have fun looking at the pictures.

the turtle and the dove

Ida B By Katherine Hannigan

This book will always be one of my favorite books from when I read it when I was in grade school. It’s about a little girl named Ida B, who is the most fun and spunky girl you will ever meet. She loves nature and just goes through life without a care in the world, until one day she gets some awful news making her life a lot harder than any little girl’s life should be. I loved the fact that it teaches the readers to stay positive when bad times come and try and think of the good. It’s a great chapter book for students trying to work their way into longer books without any pictures.

ida b


6 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?!

  1. My daughter read “Bink and Gollie” last year–I loved it! I agree with you though, the format is set up like an easy chapter book, but there are some more complicated and difficult words. I did love how that can help expand vocabulary, however! Did you like the stories? I thought they were pretty entertaining and imaginative.

    Also, I adore the “Fly Guy” books! I think they are so funny, and kids just love them! There is a whole series of books, which is nice because it means there are lots of books to read if the kiddo likes them!

    “Dunderheads Behind Bars” sounds very interesting, as well! I think I am going to have to look that one up at our local public library and read through it. Was it a chapter book, or a picture book?


    • I loved Bink and Gollie! I thought it was so cute and the stories were so fun too! Dunderheads was a picture book. Not too short but not very long either. I would definitely recommend it.


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