Creating Readers by Donalyn Miller

I found this article very interesting! She has so many good ideas any teacher could bring into the classroom. Her success rate is impeccable, I can’t even imagine how proud she must feel of all her students. I can’t think of one teacher I had that was that dedicated to reading and trying to get their students to love reading too. I can’t wait to bring some of her plans into my future classroom and help kids love reading by sharing my own stories just as she did.

The first thing that stood out to me was the fact that she doesn’t do any “bellringers” or “warm-ups.” Thinking back to when I was in grade school, I can’t even count how many times I spent my mornings working on a multiplication problem, long division problem, or correcting grammar. To be honest I hated it but I just thought all teachers did so it was a normal thing, I sure wish my teachers had the same thoughts as Donalyn.

To a certain extant her classrooms sound like my classrooms growing up as in the teacher pushing us to love what we do, just not directly about reading. Just imagine how many books her students will read by the time they become adults! I absolutely love the fact that she never has her students read out loud in class. That was the most stressful time of the day for me as I was always trying to read ahead so I wouldn’t mess up for my reading portion, meaning I never actually focused on the reading itself. I am definitely going to bring that idea into my classroom if I’m at that reading level with my students.

After reading this article I am even more excited for my future classroom! I can’t wait to be the teacher who changed kids lives with reading and books. This article will definitly be my go to when I need different and refreshing ideas for my classroom. I don’t expect my success rate to be quite as high as Donalyn’s but I’m sure gonna try because reading is so important in this world and as soon as we get that across to kids the better!



  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, this article was a fantastic read. As hopeful teacher, we can use so many of the techniques within our personal classroom. I especially enjoyed reading about how she dealt with older male readers. I like her opinion about them reading “borderline appropriate” text! She has some amazing ideas and a track record to show for it. Great post!


  2. Your enthusiasm will resonate with your students! I think kids get excited when their teacher is excited about something. It is amazing what a difference that genuine interest can passion make when trying to reach students.
    What makes you think that you will not be as successful as Donalyn Miller? If we approach teaching authentically, continue our learning throughout our careers, and be open to new ideas, we can achieve everything!
    Keep the excitement alive.


  3. I don’t remember having time set aside for reading when I was in school except the darn library time. We definitely didn’t do warm-ups either, which after reading what others have said I am grateful for.


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