It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

This week I spent most of my free time in the children’s book area of the library, it was actually my favorite part of the day. Reading all these 30 books took my mind off everything and let me relax a little and I think most people would agree that this little half hour of each day is needed especially the first week of classes.

Mice Twice By Joseph Low

This Caldecott picture book is about animals trying to outsmart their predators when invited over for dinner. When the cat invites the mouse over for dinner also inviting one of the mouse’s friends he assumes that the friend will also be another mouse, making the cat’s “dinner” go from one servings to two servings. To the cats surprise the mouse brings his friend: the dog. That begins the back and forth between the animals inviting even bigger animals over of dinner until finally a tiny wasp finishes the whole ordeal. I rated this book a 4 out 5 stars because it was a great picture book children to be entertained with but also it would keep adults interested. I liked how the pictures weren’t the entire page but I did not like how the animals were painted, it was difficult to tell what the animals really were. The thing that stood out to me was the words weren’t very big. The reader that would most enjoy this book would be a child who loves animals and understands what they eat. The ending actually surprised me the most, I really wasn’t suspecting a wasp to end it all that’s for sure.

Mice Twice

Up, Tall, And High! By Ethan Long

Ethan Long wrote about different birds comparing themselves to one another on their height, width, and ability to fly. I thought this book was very adorable and perfect for children just beginning to read books with words. I rated it 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads because of the colorful pictures and the lay out of the book. One thing I liked about Up, Tall, and High! is the couple pages that you had to pull down or lift up to get all the picture in and read everything on the pages. However I did not like how the characters weren’t named, I feel as if the kids get more into books if the characters and animals have names, it gives them more incent to remember the book. What surprised me the most was how the words were very few, meaning only 3 or 4 on each page and yet you still understood it all. The few pages that stood out to me was the ones that flipped open, it gave the book even more fun characteristics to it.

up tall and high

See Me Run By Paul Meisel

See Me Run, in a few words, is about dogs running around together tearing into stuff and digging around. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because it was very easy to understand even for little children. I liked how all the dogs in the book actually looked like dogs but I did not like how the pages were filled top to bottom with pictures making it very busy and hard to look at everything. The reader who would most enjoy it is dog lovers out there. The thing that stood out to me the most was the few pages were Meisel wrote the sounds the dogs were making when swimming and playing in mud, it made more of the reader’s senses be involved. The fact that the dogs each had different coloring and tags surprised me because it just proves that authors do put time and thought into their books.

see me run

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons By Eric Litwin

This Caldecott picture book is very colorful and musical. The main character, the only character, is Pete the cat who loves his buttons. Pete loves his buttons so much that he made up a song to sing about them. Every so often one of his buttons pops off his shirt and he sings the song only changing the number of buttons he has left on his shirt all the way down to zero buttons left but then he realizes he always has his belly button. I liked the bright colors in the book and honestly I can’t think of anything I didn’t really care for. What stood out to me the most was how he always stayed positive teaching the kids to do the same. Surprisingly Litwin also included little math lessons and still kept the book fun. The best child to read this book is someone who needs a pick me up and needs look at life half full.

pete the cat

Me…Jane By Patrick McDonnell

This book was without a doubt one of my favorite of the 30 books. Basically it was about Jane Goodall when she was a little girl, just simplified for a child to understand. It talked about how Jane always dreamed about living in Africa among all the animals and eventually it came true. I liked how it was based around an actual person’s life and yet still a children’s book. I did not like how the words were smaller than most because it might have been hard for children to read. The reader who would most enjoy this book would probably be a matured child who understands bigger things. The thing that stood out the most to me was the fact that it sort of was a book which most kids wouldn’t understand with all the inside jokes almost. I never thought a biography could be turned into a children’s book and that’s what surprised and interested me the most.


My Colors, My World

Mis colores, me mundo By Maya Christina Gonzalez

My Colors, My World Mis colores, mi mundo, teaches the readers all the basic colors we see everyday. Not only does the story read in English but on the page right beside it, the words are repeated in Spanish. I think writing in both Spanish and English was a wonderful idea because it lets the kids get a tiny chance to explore different languages and understand just a little more. This book would be most beneficial to children who speak both languages in their home. It may not teach them every word in the languages but it keeps the little lesson it gives fun.

my colors my world

God Bless This Child By Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog

I found this book very interesting for a children’s picture book. The main idea of the book is to lay out in few words an African American boys life. Though most of the story is told through the illustrations not the actual words. Based on a child’s point of view the fact that the seldom words that were written were hard for even me to understand I did not like. However I did like that it is completely different than all the rest. The pictures on each page stood out to me the most because it looks like they were painted in watercolor, which happens to be my favorite medium of art.

god bless this child

You Are Not Small By Anna Kang

You Are Not Small is an adorable book with a great moral at the end, once you think about it. The main animals in the picture book keep comparing themselves to one another until they discover something they have never seen before, forcing them to compromise. I enjoyed that it teaches children to not compare others to themselves and to not judge others. I truly believe any reader would enjoy it, because it really could entertain anyone. The rating I gave it is 5 out of 5 stars due to colorful yet simple illustrations and the ability to understand it as a whole.

you are  not small

A Very Special House By Ruth Krauss

Ruth Krauss did an excellent job of basically describing a little boy’s imagination. The main character is a little boy who brings his dreams and imagination to life explaining in detail and in rhythm what his house looks like and why it’s special. Throughout the whole book, Krauss keeps a certain pattern and rhythm in her writing making it even more entertaining. I really liked how the only color in the book was the little boy in his white t-shirt and blue jeans, it just makes him a little more unique. The reader that would most enjoy A Very Special House would be someone who uses their imagination daily or at least is interested in people’s imaginations.

a very special house

Ben’s Trumpet By Rachel Isadora

Ben, the main character in the book, dreams about becoming a trumpeter so naturally his practices on his imaginary trumpet every minute of every day until eventually his idol helps him out with a real trumpet. The thing that interests me the most about this book is the coloring: it’s all black and white. It gives the book a certain feature about it that makes it stand out in front of all the other books. I did not like, although how busy and chaotic a couple of pages are. The designs and zentangels Rachel used make it hard to focus on the words, almost giving me a headache. Other than that tiny dilemma I’d say this book was “the cat’s meow.”

bens trumpet

Prayer For A Child By Rachel Field

Out of all the 30 Caldecott books I’d say this book was my favorite by far, yes it was extremely simple but it was also extremely adorable. I am a very strong Christian and reading this book just added to my faith. The best part of this book was the fact that it was one big prayer for children. Each page made you think a little deeper about a child’s life and faith. I was a little surprised that it was just one prayer actually I figured there would be a little more to it but I wouldn’t change the book at all after reading it. Any Christian would enjoy this book, I can already picture Christian parents reading this to their child.

                                                 prayer for a child

Zelda and Ivy the Runaways By Laura McGee Kvasnosky

This picture chapter book was about two sisters foxes and their daily adventures in life with their favorite lucky charms, least favorite foods, and just their family in general. I thought this book would be perfect for children getting use to reading chapter books. It still has enough pictures to keep the reader interested and comfortable but also enough words to help improve their reading ability. I did not like how none of the three chapters connected in anyway. Overall though it would be a great starter chapter book for children.

zelda and ivy

Moja Means One By Muriel Feelings

To put it short this book was teaching the reader to count and adding a little more information about Swahili culture and a few words in Swahili. I actually found this book really interesting, I realize most of the audience meant to read this book will not understand most but it will at least give them some more culture background. I liked how the only color in the book was the Swahili words, they just stood out that much more. I was surprised by the fact that there wasn’t much color however, because when I think of southern countries I think of bright vibrant colors all over.

moja means one

The Snowy Day By Ezra Jack Keats

I remember this book from when I was little. It’s about a little boy named Peter deciding what to do on a snowy day. I rated this book a four out of five stars because of how simple it is to read and understand but still improve on reading ability. It makes the book fun to read and teaches reading a the same time. I did not like the iliistraions on the pages though because they didn’t make the book seem to come alive like others do. All in all though it was a good book and obviously easily to remember if I can still remember it from over ten years ago.

snowy day

Looking Out for Sarah By Glenna Lang

I am a sucker for dogs, dog books, dog movies, dog anything so naturally this book stood out to me right away with cover. It explains a life of a seeing eye dog through the dogs perspective. It kind of pulls at your heart strings every once in while which is surprising for a children’s picture book. It is a little longer book so the best reader would be one who is somewhat experienced with words and likes reading. If the audience didn’t want to read at all this book would definitely not fit with them. The thing that stood out to me the most was the detail of the words, they weren’t complex words but they weren’t simple either. I would recommend this book to someone who is on the verge of liking or disliking books but also who loves animals and their jobs, maybe it would pull them to the good side of liking books.

looking out for sarah



  1. Me…Jane was also one of my favorite reads for the week! I found it incredible that they had a “real” Jane in the back of the book! I think you could do so much with this book in the classroom. Do you have any ideas of how you could use it in your classroom?


  2. I really enjoyed this! I did not read any of the same books this week as you did. It is nice to be able to take a break from the boring college text books and really get into wonderful children’s books again. Which book was your favorite? Would you use it in a classroom someday? I will definitely have to look into some of these books for the Mondays ahead.


  3. What a great list of books! Somehow, most of the books you reviewed were not the same as mine. I didn’t review this particular book, but it definitely in my top ten; “Up, Tall, and High”. “You Are (Not) Small” looks like a great read, and I will definitely have to keep my eye out for that one. Thank you for the great reviews!


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