Are You a Reader?

If someone on the street came up to me and asked me out of the blue if I was a reader, without hesitating I’d say I absolutely am. Reading is my favorite past time, especially if the books are mystery or romance novels. I spend most of my summers on my Kindle, reading book after book, day and night. When I was in the 6th grade I started reading the Twilight Series which I absolutely fell in love with, not really sure why that series anymore though. Every experience I’ve had with reading before and after the Twilight series has had an influence on my attitude toward reading.

5 Key Moments

  1. In the 3rd grade we were told, as students, to pick a series out of the library in our Elementary school, not really knowing what to get I had my friend help me out. Now this friend was into farming and animals which I really wasn’t but I thought if he liked certain books I’d like them to so we both ended up reading Hank the Cow Dog. From the very start of that book I disliked it which began my hatred of books in general. 5025003144_990a4c6466_n
  2. Then come 5th grade I could tolerate books but there was no way I was going to read them for fun. That’s when our teacher decided to assign us the project of a creative book report where we could pick any book but had to come up with a project other than short essay to give the class a visual description of it. Unfortunately I don’t remember exactly which book I read but it was about a little girl and her love for dance. I’ll have to admit that was the most fun I’d with a book report which did improve a positive attitude towards books just a little.
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During the 6th grade my teacher turned me towards the Twilight series, thinking I’d really get into that, which I completely did. I read all four books in a week and for me that was a lot of reading. Ever since then once I start a book I can’t put it down. I was always reading after that, getting emotionally involved into all of my books and hating when I came to the end of the book.


4. Middle school years are what brought mystery books to me after my friend and I read a CSI book in the library during study hall one day. I enjoyed these books because they really caught your attention and made you think about everything and kept you entertained in the reading


5. I had a lot of free time my senior year of high school so I started reading even more and that’s when I fell in love with romance books. They all seem to completely pull at my heart strings with every move and counter move each character makes. I’m sure I’ll have many more events in my life that shape my opinion and attitude towards reading but right now I’ll stick with romance novels for the most part.



10 thoughts on “Are You a Reader?

  1. You’ve identified some key points to creating readers. Series are big. If you can hook a kid on Book 1, you’re going to get them to keep reading. I loved the story of how you read 4 giant Twilight books in one week because you were so hooked! And it’s important for kids to know the genre they love. You know, for instance, that you like romance, and so you will keep reading books in that genre. I like the idea of exposing our students to many different genres and formats so they can discover who they are as readers and what they love in books. I truly believe there are books out there for everyone–we just have to find them.


  2. I love romance novels as well! There is just something about them that makes me feel giddy while reading. Its nice that you had a good reading experience in the past and that you found what you love.


  3. I think it is so important how you noted that you did not really enjoy reading for pleasure until you found a good series to read as a middle schooler. Think about how that knowledge will serve you as a teacher! If you can steer a student into the right direction, pointing them to a series that you know will pique their interests, you have not only accomplished getting that child to read one book, you have encouraged them to read the whole series! How cool is that?


  4. I approached reading the same way you did!! At the beginning it wasn’t my favorite thing. I mean I did it when I had to and I usually enjoyed it (although I would have never admitted it to my friends). Up until the twilight series!!! That series was my gateway drug in high school. I read them maybe five times.


  5. I love romantic books. And I agree that if you can get a student hooked on the first book of a series then they will end up reading all the book in the serious. I also find that if you find a movie that you like and it has a book as well then they will read the book. I don’t know if that is completely true but I do kinda believe it. Good post1


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